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How Was School Chapter 23
How Was School Chapter 23

How Was School Chapter 23


The dogs are ready to charge anytime someone makes any small movement. The boys and girls run to attack them and it was not pretty all dogs except Jade, Max, and Jack charged and after Casie and Justin gave the sign they charged a bunch of kids had to go to the hospital and get stitches and they all left them alone again. Justin and Casie then whistled and all the dogs ran back to them and sat in front of them watching everyone run away. After they were all gone the dogs made Justin and Casie fall on the ground and started to lick them and they all loved them and Casie and Justin wanted to take all of them home because none of them either had a good home or were homeless. But Casie didn't care so all the dogs went home with them and when they got them they all had a bath and ate. The parents loved how the kids cared for them and they didn't care if they stayed. After a month the dogs were big clean and healthy so they put them up for adoption and they all got great homes Max, Jade, and Jack all cried because they didn't want them to leave. They curled up next to Justin and Casie who were laying on the floor tired. A week later everyone was not being rude to anyone and they all were still talking to Justin and Casie and they enjoyed their company but not as much as they enjoyed each others company they were always happier with each other and they would never forget it. When they went home they walked the dogs and had another great day and they gave the dogs another bath and they all went to Casie's room and curled up Casie was asleep and Justin jumped onto her bed and told her to get up she got up and said woah because he didn't have a bad eye anymore. They both celebrated for his eye and everyone thought that the idea was funny and ridiculous but they did it anyway,so Casie jumps out of bed pushing Justin off the bed and pushes Justin out of her bedroom and closes her door and gets dressed then she walks out of her room and gets everything set up and they have the little party. After the party, they cleaned up and the parents left to have a night to themselves so Justin and Casie stayed at the house and watched Netflix. They watched love movies, sad movies, and horror movies. They loved movies a lot and would not stop watching them after watching a lot of movies they finally fell asleep and the parents got home to find Justin laying flat down on the couch and Casie curled up with him they left them alone because they knew they are old enough to make their own decisions and choices so the parents went to their rooms and went to sleep.

Author Notes: Want more? Read my chapter 24 of How Was School.

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13 Dec, 2017
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2 mins
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