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How Was School Chapter 25
How Was School Chapter 25

How Was School Chapter 25


She put her dress on and ran downstairs to show Justin, but she didn't want to ruin the surprise of how she looked so she didn't show him. She took the dress off and came back downstairs so they could head out the door to get to school. Justin asked her why she didn't show him the dress and she told him because she didn't want to ruin the surprise. He told her how much he couldn't wait for prom day. They walked out the door and started walking to school. The girls that are always rude to Casie ever since they moved to the White House was the rudest people on her birthday but Casie stood up to them.

"Ha look it's loser Casie"

"Ohh look it's the ugly girls again"

"Ha try me, Casie"

"Ohh I will Dorthy"

"Ok then lets the start of will you are a nobody and no one likes you"

Justin got furious but Casie told him she would deal with it.

"Says you Dorthy from The Wizard Of OZ and actually someone does like me, more like a lot of people like me"

"Ohh yea who specifically likes you because I know Justin doesn't, right Justin?"

"He won't speak to you and he is my boyfriend so back off at least I can get the guy that you are crushing on but he isn't crushing over you"

"Ohh yea right let me ask him myself then, Justin are you with Casie"

"Yea I am and you need to get lost because everyone is on our side, not yours"

"Ha in your guys' dreams"

"You wish they were dreams because you look killed because Justin chose me"


"Wow got anger issues?"


"Obviously you do"

Dorthy and the girls walk away but Dorthy starts to cry and runs to the bathroom.

"Well that was fun I wish it lasted longer"

"I was about to get up I was so salty about what she was saying to you"

"Trust me I can handle it myself"

"Ohh Casie trust me I know you can"

"Thanks, I also know you can handle things yourself also"

Lunch was over and they went back to class, after school was over they walked back home and Dorthy tried to throw food and drinks at Casie and Justin but they took a different route so they couldn't and they had surprised faces and they got mad so they tried to make a plan for what they were going to do tomorrow at school to Casie and Justin. They thought they could break up the strongest couple they ever met. No matter what Casie and Justin were always there together and will never be apart.

Author Notes: Want more? Read Chapter 26

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9 Jan, 2018
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