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How Was School Chapter 26
How Was School Chapter 26

How Was School Chapter 26


Casie and Justin have been friends for a little while now and they really enjoy having each other and the dogs to hang out with. They are always there for each other and they enjoy watching movies and cleaning up together. The next day they wake up and get ready for school and just remember that prom is tonight. They act like it's a normal day and they just get ready and start to eat breakfast and everything. They grabbed Max and Jack and walked out the door. As Casie and Justin walked out the door they see Dorthy and her minions so they seemed and they all had food and drinks to throw at Casie and Justin but they were smart enough to bring four umbrellas for it and so they both had to for them and the dogs so they opened them and Dorthy and her minions started to throw the food and drinks. After they ran out Max was tired of what they have been doing so Max barked to Jack to tell him that he was tired of it and they need to scare them off so they jerked to get away from Casie and Justin and they Barked loud and deeply like if they were going to eat them alive. They scared them off and Casie fed them some treats. And off they go to school laughing because of Dorthy and her minion's faces they made when the dogs scared them. After about 10 mins they were at school and Dorthy did not make any contact to Casie or Justin and neither did her minions they were all too afraid that the dogs would do something to them if they were to make any contact with them. During lunch Casie and Justin get their seats and they let go of Max and Jack, Max and Jack stared down Dorthy and her minions to make sure they made no contact with Casie and Justin.

"Here Max and Jack here are two more treats."

"Woof" Said Max

Max and Jack go back to watching Dorthy and her minions and they see that Dorthy had taken a peek over at Casie and Justin so they started to growl. Dorthy see's that the dogs are growling and she makes a dirty face at them and the dogs jump on her and bites her once and she tried to beat them with her tray that had nothing on it but Jack got a grab on her hair and gently pulled it so she knew they meant business and Max put his face close to hers and started barking loudly. Casie and Justin get up and grabbed Max and Jack fast then ran out of the lunchroom and went into a locker room before the teachers could see anything. Dorthy tried to tell a teacher but they didn't believe her because they weren't in the lunchroom at least they didn't see. So they left the whole situation alone and they told Dorthy to go sit down. So she sat down and stared at the doorway of the lunchroom in fear. Later that night Casie and Justin are at home and are getting ready for prom but they did not see each other until the party so that way Casie could show herself off to him when she is in the spotlight and is walking down the steps.

Author Notes: Want more read my chapter 27

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18 Jan, 2018
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2 mins
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