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How Was School Chapter 3
How Was School Chapter 3
This story has some quality issues

How Was School Chapter 3


(Casie goes with the boy and she tells him what her first class is and they have the same class which is science)

Boy:"Oh hi I didn't get to introduce myself I'm Justin"

"Oh hi, im___"

(As she gets interrupted)

"The new girl"

"Yes but my name is Casie"

"Nice name"

"Thank you"

"Your welcome. Who does the dog belong to?"

"He belongs to me he is my guard dog and his name is Max"

"Wow he is beautiful"

"Thank you"

"Your welcome"

"Can we find my first class so I'm not late?"

"Right yeah let's go it's this way. You sit right here it's right next to me"

"Okay great this will be fun but don't get me in trouble by talking to me"

"Okay I won't"

"Okay because I like to be able to get great grades for my mom and my dad"

"Okay I understand"

(Class starts)

After a little bit, the bell rings and then it is the end of that class and Max and Justin along with Casie all go to their next class which is Social studies and this time they sat on opposite sides of the classroom. Max takes a seat right next to Casie.

*Casie pets Max*

"Good boy Max"

"We already made a new friend didn't we"

*Max barks*

The teacher looks at Casie and tells her to keep the dog quiet and she say's "I asked him a question" The teacher say's "Just keep him quiet" She say's okay. They continue on with class and later after 1rst,2nd,3rd, and 4th period was over when they went to lunch and Casie learned something new about Justin.

"Casie do you want to sit with me at my table"

".... umm sure yeah because I have nowhere else to sit"

"Okay is there something wrong?"

"I have just never been popular"

"Well now you are welcome to my group of 200 people"


Max sits right beside her legs as she is standing up looking at the people at Justin's table

"Take a seat Cassie"

She takes a seat and talks and learns everyone's name and learns a lot of things about them and she tells them things about herself

Author Notes: I will make a chapter 4 September 29th enjoy and read more of my stories!.


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29 Sep, 2017
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