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How Was School Chapter 7
How Was School Chapter 7
This story has some quality issues

How Was School Chapter 7


After they get done laughing then they head to their next class and sit down but they get a new seating shat and now they are table partners. So they now sit with eachother and they hold in their laughs.

"shh"Casie said.

Jutin looks at her with a big grin on his face.

*bell rings*

they head over to there next class. after school was over Casie and Max got drove home. Justin and his parents are at their new house right next to Casie. Casie goes outside and helps them move in and unpack their boxes and after they were done Casie invites them over for some dinner and they say sure they would like to become friend's with Casie's parents. But of course Casie's dad is in the military now and has not come home yet. So then they enter Casie's home and the dog's come to see who it is.

"Hello...... I'm Casie's mother nice to finally meet you guys"

"Yeah you to"

"I'm Sara and that is my husband Dan"

"Nice to meet you im Cathrine"

"You can call her Cat or Catie"


"Please take a seat anywhere at this table over here"

"Wow your place is huge"

"Thanks yours is now huge to we have been in that house to help move things out from our other neighbors"

"Ohh that's nice"


"Dig in" Casie said.

After everyone was done with supper and desert then they went home and thanked them and they all became friends.

The next day Jusin is waiting at her door step again and she is ready to go she walks out and they walk to school.

"Hey Justin"


"How do you like your new house?"

"I like it a lot and i'm happy our parents met and became good friends"


"Can I ask you something?"


"Ok because it has been on my mind all the time"

"Yeah what is it?"

"I want to know where your dad is I have never met him"

"I know you haven't but he works at the military and fights for our freedom"

"Ohhh that must be hard"

"Ya but he is my hero that is saving the world right now"

"Yes he is he sounds like the best dad you could ever have"'

"Yeah he is"

They arrive at school and they sit down and today Justin winked at Casie twice during class and she tried not to laugh as she winked at him once and raised an eyebrow at him. It was only like five minutes later and he yells out loud Casie is great and the class laughs and the teacher tells him polightly to stay quiet.

"Yes sir" Justin said.

Casie gave him a great big smile. Then Justin smiles back at her. As she turns away Justin is still looking at her with a big smile but she didn't notice. And the teacher told him to stop staring.

Author Notes: what will happen next? well read more of my stories and find out!


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4 Oct, 2017
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2 mins
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