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How Was School Chapter4
How Was School Chapter4
This story has some quality issues

How Was School Chapter4


After lunch was over they all went back to their classes and soon Casie relized all of her classes were with Justin and they were happy about it because now Casie knows she will not be nervous to be in class.

Bell rings*

Casie,Max, and Justin all walk into the hallway and talks for a couple of minutes then Casie's mom honks the car horn to pick up Casie from after school.

"Hey Casie"

"Hey mom how was your day?."

"It was great how was yours?."

"Great i made friends already and I have never been popular but now I am all thanks to my buddy Justin. He is popular and he showed me around and where my classes were and at lunch I found out he was popular and he asked me to sit with him and I said sure and now im a popular student already."

"Thats great but remember you need to focus on school not boys."

"I know mom don't worry. Can we go home now im tired?."

"Yeah fine"


Her mom starts the engine and they drive off as Justin is watching them in the distance. Soon they get home and Casie asks her mom if the other kids can come over.

"Hey mom I forgot to ask can Justin and my friend Christian come over?."


*The room fills with silence*

"Ask your fauther"

"Yes mom"

"Hey dad can my friends come over please I just became popular today because of them"

"That won't tell me anything. What are their names?."

"Christian and Justin"

"Fine but you stay where we can see you."

"We are only going to be outside because it's nice outside and it is a better place to study at"

"What are you studying for?."


"Okay but be careful im trusting you"

"I know you are and i don't even really know them that well dad"


Casie already has everybody in the whole school's number. So she facetimes Justin to tell him he can come over.

"Hey Justin"


"You can come over to study"

"Okay great"



She then facetimes Christian.

"Hey what's up Casie"

"You can come over to study"




2 minutes later Justin arives.5 minutes later Chiristian shows up.

"Hey guys"

"Hey" Both of the boys say.

"Nice set up with the blanket' Justin says.


"Your welcome"

"Okay get out your science books."

The boy's get out their science books and Casie starts discussing things and telling them what the things are. At 7 they pack up their things and head off.Casie goes inside and gets in the shower and after she gets dressed she gets a text from a unknown number. It said "Hi new girl don't think you get Justin because he is mine i have known him for a long time you guys just met so don't get any ideas and i'll se you tomorrow at school to give you a hard time by the way I will tell you my name after you tell me who you think I am. Then I will appear."

Author Notes: I will be making a chapter 5 10-3-17 so be ready to read it!.


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2 Oct, 2017
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