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How Was School Chapter5
How Was School Chapter5
This story has some quality issues

How Was School Chapter5


The next morning Casie wakes up and she gets ready for school and grabs Max and they drive off to the school but Cassie never told her mom what had just happened over the phone with some girl who wants Justin all to her self.Cassie then arrives to school grabs Max and heads to science without sayong a word.

*Bell rings*

The teacher starts to teach the class. After her classes were over and it was time to go to lunch she sits with Justin and Christian then the others come sit down. A girl was making friends with Cassie and Cassie felt she had to tell someone about the person who has texted her and the girl thought she knew who it was.



"Im Audrey"

"Hi Audrey im_____"

As she gets inturepted.

"Cassie i have heard so much about you and how great you are nice to meet you

"Yeah you too. I have a question how long have you been in this school for?."

"My whole life"

"Do you know a girl that has always liked Justin"

"Yes and she is very rude she is not happy you came here and took Justin from her"

"I wanted to know because she sent me this"

Audrey reads the message and said.

"That is definietly her"

"What is her name"

"Her name is Stacy."

"Okay thanks you wanna be popular and be our friend?"

"Yes I would love to"

"Okay great"

Cassie texts Stacy and tells her she knows who she is and Stacy walks torwards you and Audrey runs away.

"So new girl you figured out who I am"

"Yes and a little bit about you and you need to not be so jelly because im not into Justin okay so leave me alone about it and i have a name"

"Yes I know Cassie and im not jelous of you"

"Obviously you are"


Justin buds in.

"I don't like you Stacy now leave."


"You okay Cassie?"

"Yeah I guess"

"You sure?"

Cassie walks out of the lunch room fast without looking back.

"Guys i'll be back I need to talk to her and find out what is happening"

"Okay" they say.

Justin runs down the hallways and see's Cassie in the corner in the last hallway he checked and he runs to her and sits next to her.

"Cassie what's wrong"

"I'm already making a enemy and i Just started a new school."

"I'ts okay she is like that with everyone no matter who it is and remember you are woth more than you think"

"I know but i don't want to be hated on."

"I feel you. I was at that stage in life before"

"You make me feel better Justin"

"Thanks same with you too Cassie"


"No problem"

"Let's get to our next class"

"Yeah your right let's go"

Justin grabs Cassie's hand and pulls her up and the start to walk off to their next class

Author Notes: You will find out what happens next in chapter 6 be sure to read the chapters before this.Enjoy!.


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2 Oct, 2017
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2 mins
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