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How Was School?

How Was School?

By Myrawiles - 1 Review

The alarm goes off and Casie gets up and gets ready for her first day of high school. Then her mom's alarm goes off and she wakes up.

"Casie are you almost dressed?"

"Yes mom"


after Casie is dressed she goes down stairs and gets some breakfast then uses the restroom after she was done in the restroom casie went and brushed her teeth and did her hair. She was ready to walk out the door even though she was really nervous for her first day.

"Mom im ready to go but its still early so im going to watch some tv"

"ok dear ill be done in a minute"


Casie loved elementry but now they moved to a different state because her mom had gotten a new job in New York but casie and her mom has a really big house. They have two dogs both dogs are german shepards. The dogs names are Max and Jade.

"Max,Jade!" Casie calls

"Come here babies"

Max and Jade sit on the couch with casie but Jade is her mom's dog and Max is Casie's dog and the german shepards are really good gard dogs. At her old school she was allowed to bring Max with her but she is not allowed to bring Max to the new school they said no animals allowed.

Author Notes: i will make another chapter soon enjoy!.

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8 Sep, 2017
Action, Adventure, Tragedy

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