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Hungry Vending Machine
Hungry Vending Machine

Hungry Vending Machine

AmbienceThe Story Cascade

The vending machine ate all the boy’s money. He kicks once, and the machine responds with several clanks. The boy reaches out for the can but cannot feel any cylindrical object. As he pushes his arms further into the machine, he cannot be more shocked than he is.

His eyes widens with his terror and forcefully yanks the arm out the machine. In his hand clutches a sparkling key as bright as the beams of the sun. Suddenly, he realizes that the bit of the key resembles the coin slot on the machine.

Without a hesitation, the boy inserts and turns the key to fulfill his curiosity. However, his friend interrupts the operation. On a sunny hill of lush foliage, a girl steps down the mossy stairs, clutching a cluster of flowers.

“Hey!” the girl shouts, “What’s taking you so long?”

“It ate my money!” The boy shouts.

The girl sprints to the boy in the shade.

“What’s wrong, again?”

“The machine ate my money.”

The girl bends her leg to prepare for the kick, but the boy stops her before she did.

“Nevertheless, I got a strange key from here,” he says, showing her the key in his palm.

The girl stare at the key for ten seconds before she gaspes.

“Follow me!” She says, snatching the key.

They sprint over the hill and a meadow until an enormous figure appears in the shade of oak trees. A dull thud was heard by the girl. The boy tripped over a hole and scratched his knee. A deep scent of grass emitted around them. The boy says that he is fine despite a worrying frown from the girl.

The boy limply follows the girl to where the figure is. They do not need to slip through the grass as the figure is right in from of them. As they approach the figure, they observe an anachronistic statue of an old man with its head as large as the rest of the body. When the girl searches for the keyhole, the boy is still amaze with its benevolent smile of the statue.

“Ah-ah!” The girl exclaims.

“Wait!” The boy yells.

The rest of the morning is spent in the cafe with their clothes stained with mud. They do not speak, drinking the soda on the table. The owner grimaces at the sofa full of mud.

“Next time, let’s bring three more people in our secret base,” says the boy.

“Of skeleton and golden chest,” says the girl.

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About The Author
The Story Cascade
About This Story
30 Mar, 2022
Read Time
2 mins
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