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Hurting Bloom

Hurting Bloom

By Jesse805

I've seen butterflies die in my hand since I was a little kid. The lurid feel of that little kid skin made think the end was till defeat.The gentle hands of the kid was just trying to grasp something nice. But as soon the butterfly land in the palm it went to small powder. The glossy smoke coming out if his mouth, that silver golden fruit making its way up to the nostrils.The hot feel of that snow rushing throw the brain that cold feeling of the needle tears vein. The colorful jelly gum placed under the tongue waiting for the Colors to come, that kid that partied hard. That kid that everyone thought had it all. Never in his life had felt real love. Never has his heart been in the Right spot. That monster as the people called him that stunner that drove the bar. Glasses after bottle feeling the vile of life shatter till it got grind. The thought of war makes him cry the thought of being alone makes him try to stop going by. He's the guy that people go to for an answer but the guy you tend To ignore when he ask you for a simple listener of the advisor. He's the guy you want to know but the more you try he tend you to stop if you can't follow the Note. He's the mister, he's that monster, he's that ugly mother fucker, he's that killer, he's that sinner, he's that oppressor, He's that simulator, he's that person that's willing to die for the one he loves or just that guy that will take the pain away so you'll have clear skies. He's that guy that wears black. For the fallen and the down triton. He will burn your house down and he wouldn't be miss. The all white sir he can be called. But beware of the white sir because he's the same guy that dresses black and kills for fun.. I'm willing to take all that hurt away, every atom of my body Knows what that is, I'll take all those monsters away to a place you'll never see them again all that hurt won't follow you or torment you in vain. Because That's me, I'll send you to a place with unicorns and lust of what you want, while I live in dark and with my love holding my hand won't make me fall down the Chain that hold the lock between heavens gate and hells pace. I'm that universe everyone wants to go. I'm that beautiful, I'm that handsome, I'm that ugly I'm that repugnant. Because I'm Jesse.

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About This Story
14 Nov, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
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