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I Am Nature by Guiliana Kaluna

I Am Nature by Guiliana Kaluna

By guilianakd

I am nature.

My trees will grow,

My flowers will bloom,

And my rivers will stream.

There can be

positive or negative consequences

to all of your decisions.

When you cut me down,

It rains.

When you build me up,

You can feel my sunshine radiate,

Intaking all of my air,

And my warmth.

You take me for granted,

And you will see.

The birds you tell to shut up,

Are my shrieks and cries for help.

The vegetation you rip from the ground,

Are strands of my hair.

The rivers you watch silently flow

Are my tears, I try my best to hold in.

The lakes, ponds, and oceans,

Are where I store those tears being kept in.

Those animals you kill for fun,

They are my only family.

You are toxic.

You kill me and all that I love.

You pollute me.

Your factories.

Your Smoke.

Your stupid war.

But jokes on you,

You're Killing yourself too.

Author Notes: Hope you like it : )

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30 Dec, 2019
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<1 min
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