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I am Sera
I am Sera

I am Sera

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

I am here with you

To see you through

To lead you to

A safe place of refuge -

I have arrived

With fiery eyes

By your side

To help you realize

He is very alive -

I am on fire

But it's a flame

That's holy and higher

Let my fire inspire -

From a distant land

To earthly soil and sand

I've come to stand

To help you understand

The presence of The Blessed Hand

Adored by Heaven's band -

Be not afraid

Of my blaze

You pray

I blaze

Here, your prayer

There, I flare -

As Isaiah Six depicts

My wings are six

And a fiery glow

My form emits -

I am a spark

In the dark

When it's stark

Where serpents lurk

I am a torch -

In the realm of evil forces

With riders of pale horses

Demons are screaming

At our glorious chorus -

We are The Seraphim

We exist for Elohim

We assist the redeemed

Whether day or dream

A supreme team

The Seraphim

© Matt Decker

Author Notes: Isaiah chapter 6

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
14 Oct, 2018
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<1 min
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