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I Am Told
I Am Told

I Am Told

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I have been called a faggot in the school hallways and by people I've never met. I've been told that I'm a living sin and hell is my home. My family looks at me diffrent know and I pretend not to see. These are the people who aren't supposed to care.

Why is who I love a problem? Please, someone explain because I would like to know why it is legal to kill me in some countries. I am not who I appear to be on the outside, my body doesn't match my mind. You might look at me and see the long hair and the the femine body but that isn't me. You have to understand, I am not who I appear to be.

I night lie awake at night wondering if the next day I will be hate crimed for something I cannot control. Am I supposed to apologize?

All the kids hate themselves because the words you spread, because the laws you pass, because the feeling you embeed in their soul. You have killed me a thousand times without putting me in the ground. The cuts hidden beneath her clothes are your fault, the hatred he weilds against himself that is you too.

They lie about their pronouns so you don't kill them or judge them, so they don't kill themselves. We hide away and the feelings of pain never leaves.

Everyday is that same buzz of nerves when someone looks at us for a moment to long, when we have to say our pronouns or sexuality over and over again. We have to defend ourselves everyday. We keep our heads down, our voices low. We pretend to be okay and we hold on tight to the hope that one day it will all end.

I am told that I deserve to be slaughtered, are you?

I am told that I have a mental desease because of who I love, are you?

I am told that I am wrong about myself,are you?

I am told...

Author Notes: Thank you for reading. I am aware that this is a very controversial topic and I believe that it only is if we let it be. Don't quit.
I am here for you.

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21 Aug, 2021
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