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I been beaten

I been beaten

By BTRfan689

I woke with sunshine in my head. I didn't even notice it. My thoughts were thinking. I am going to be beaten, I thought. My life is horrible, and I am only 8! I finally got out of bed, got dressed, and went down stairs. "Hi, honey, got enough sleep?" Mother asked me. I nodded yes, and sat down, ready for my breakfast. My mom handed me Coco-puffs, my faveorite. Even with that, I felt a big pang of pain. I was beaten by bullies for 5 years, and it still went on and on. I quickly ate my breakfast in quietness. I got my backpack and hurried off to school, ready to face my beatings.
I forgot to tell you something. My daddy died when I was 5. I don't need to get too sad, so I won't talk about it. I opened the door to the school, when a loud shout came over the laughing and talking. "HEY! WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING, ASSHOLE!" My bully, Kyle Fish yelled. I turned around, turned around just in time to see Kyle's hands push me into the sidewalk. "O-oh. . " I moaned. It hurt really bad. I felt a kick, and I landed again on the ground with a hard-breaking THUD! Kyle's shoe hit my face, and now blood was on my face. I ran as fast as I could to the school, right into my teacher. "Karen," He looked at my face. "KAREN! What happend to you?" He asked, with a tight bit of fear on his face. "I-i was beaten by Kyle." I said, and started crying. I hurried to the school. A girl with black hair yelled loudly, "TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR BITCHING DAD, YOU FILTHY HORE!" She yelled. I didn't answer. "TELL ME!" She yelled again.
"He was murdered badly." I muttered.
"WHAT?" She yelled with anger.
The 3 words I hadn't said for 4 years finally came out. I screamed them. Watching her look on the face.

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21 Oct, 2011

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