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I Can't Believe I Just Saved Her - Part 1

I Can't Believe I Just Saved Her - Part 1

By MiggyDoll

I take a step towards the door, but I couldn't take another step because this calendar caught my eye. Well it stood out amongst all the other posters and pictures plastered against the wall because it said 2011 and it had the days and months on it.

I take a gander at this calendar as I take slow cautious steps towards it, like this is a dream and I'll wake up any moment. When I stood face to face to the calendar I never woke up. But I did notice something!

As I'm looking at this calendar I get a flashback of all the years my ghostly form has been 'haunting' this house. There was the year, 1930 (counting forward to this year), where America wasn't financially stable. The year (1940) that WWII occurred and the women started to rise up and take the men's positions. The year (1950) where suburbs were on the rise and the year of the baby boomers. The year (1960) where civil rights played a key role in society. The year (1970) where the youth of the baby boomers took in different religion and formed themselves around TV icons. The year (1980) where the hippies/ druggies rolled in. The year (1990) where the colors, blacks and whites, separated hugely and the blacks became poorer and the white became richer. 2000's is the time where technology just united everybody together.

I observed all this from the house I can't even stick a hand out the damn window. But, mainly when everybody is gone or asleep I stay in what was my room and just watch the world change from a window.

The families I've seen watch come and go, are...I don't know how to put it. If I didn't like a family, I would surely haunt the house and put them out. The number of families this house has probably went through is...even more then the age I am now. Or, would be soon. On that day, the house gets the most activity from me.

This family that stayed in this house for 5 years had ghost hunter people come in to the house. Exactly, 3 weeks weeks away from the day I died, also known as, my birthday. This was in 2003, the fourth year they've been in here.

Anyways, the investigators stayed here through the afternoon till the wee morning of the next day. The afternoon they came, they asked questions, three guys and a two women.

"What do you experience here?" One of the ladies ask.

The mom speaks up first, "Well three weeks ago I heard a girls voice call out mother. I go upstairs, nothing. And it was loud and clear. Right, Jimmy?"

Jimmy nods, "It came from my little brothers room, too."

Jimmy is one of two kids the mother has. Her and them weren't the only family living here that doesn't have a father with them.

In my room, open up the window to get fresh air. It's summertime and it already feels stuffy in here. Even though the air outside should be warm, it doesn't hurt to get fresh air.

"Can you show me the room your talking about?" I hear one of the men say.

Mom says sure. Next thing I know I hear feet coming up the stairs and then the door bursts open and the room fills up with about eight people. "Did either of you open the window. Cause I came up here earlier for laundry and it was closed."

Her sons shake their heads. I giggle. That's when they fall silent and make sure they didn't hear anything. "Did you hear that?" another one of the guys ask.

They all nod. Due to the condition of how old this house is, the floor creaks under my ghostly weight as I get up to go to the kitchen. That's when mom gasps and both her and her sons are wide eyed. I giggle again before I leave the room completely.

Later that night, I watch the family leave for the night while the investigators are still there trying to find me. So I decide to play a little game of hide and seek on my birthday!!

I watch them take a picture of the house before they load it with their techy gadgets. When they finished, the game begun!!!!

First, they swept the house with an EMF detector. The gadget went wild when they went up to my bed where I was laying. "You found me!" I screamed. They stood there wide eyed and baffled. That's when they started using this thing that senses the hot and cold spots. They found me easily with that. They saw my footprints leading to the stairs, my hand prints on the banister then a very hot spot on the couch, but my air is cold, from what they said.

So, they sat on the couch with me. Now, it's ten o'clock. Before my birthday ended they decided to ask me questions. Of course, I answered them.

"Are you a girl?" Yes.

"Is this your home? Did you used to live here?" Yes.

"Do you want us to leave?" I like your interest in me.

"Why are you still here?" Why are you?

"What's your name?" Ruby Rowland.

They tell the one guy who was recording it on a little black thing to play the conversation back. They were stunned I even answered a question. But when they finished the last one They were speechless that I answered all. I guess the other ghosts they interviewed were rude and ignorant.

I got bored and my birthday is almost over so I make my way to the kitchen. I go to the cabinet and grab me a glass for my milk to go with my cake. The glass I grabbed fell through my hand and shattered. Their conversation made me forget that I'm not mortal and I can't hold things. Startled, I slam the cabinet shut as they rush to the kitchen.

They pull the recorder out again, "Ooopsies!" I say. Then I pull the chair out and sing Happy Birthday' to myself before I went up to my room to be alone for the night.

I accidentally slammed my door which sent them dashing up to my room. "Leave. Me. ALONE!" They ignore me and climb in to bed with me.

I walk to the door and then open it, "I want Eugene! Where is Eugene?" I scream before slamming the door shut again.

That next day, in the morning, the team shows the family the evidence of my being here. They were so shocked, that I laughed at their shocked faces. They heard me. Then they showed them the picture of me they took when I was staring at them through my bedroom window. My long flowing red hair, a black hat, and dark blue dress, which showed black on the picture. I still look gorgeous!

"We did research on this house. The name the ghost said, is the name of a true person and this is the girl that is haunting your house." He points to me before continuing, "Ruby was an actress of the late 1910's and early 1920's. In 1924, three weeks from yesterday, she died in India from a tiger attack. Yesterday was her birthday."

Mom looks confused, "Then who's Eugene?"

"Eugene Sabinski was her 'manager.' But they were both madly in love with each other. They made their relationship public because he was a lot older then she was. But Eugene announced their relationship to the press when he came back California alive and Ruby didn't." says one of the girls this time.

After the family left the next year, nobody else seemed to notice my existence. They either brushed it off, or blamed some one else. The ones I spooked seemed to not utter a word to anybody else who moved in.

This family now, is a lively bunch. There is never not any drama. Or nothing not going on. We have 'daddy' Alexander, who is always at work or either bringing work home with him. But either way he brings in a lot of money and mom upgrades the house which looks a lot better then 85 years ago.

'Mommy' Corinne, is a 2nd grade teacher. She is very nice and an amazing mother. But both are ignorant to their oldest son and daughters lives.

'Big Sissy' Alicia is 16, almost 17 in 5 weeks, and she is always on this gadget they call a "phone." Or either on her "laptop" (whatever those are) or some where else. When she's home, she causes heck which makes me upset. Sometimes I make it known but they blame each other for whatever happens.

'Big Brother' Brody, or "Bro", is the star wrestler and he practices his moves on his father and his little brother. He barely does his homework, which is very easy, mostly. And he argues with Alicia. He's already 16 since 3 months ago. For someone his age he makes more of a mess then his little sister, and he back talks along with Alicia.

'Medium Brother' Eric is 13, he'll be 14 in 6 months. But he has the brains and gets blamed for everything. I would expect that from the shrimpy kid with brains. He's always generous and kind to his family, and fiends he brings in. He's my second favorite.

'Little Brother' Jayden is 9 and the adventurous crazy one. He constantly running around the house, bothering his brothers and sisters and never gives his parents a break to settle down from a long day. When he eats, it goes everywhere but his mouth. Which confuses me because he has the most meat on his bones.

'Lil Sis' Felicity is 4, or was 4. She's turning 5 today. I've been following her since she was conceived in this house. From phone calls about the pregnancy check-ups, to photos of sonograms and her first slide ride at a park or her first visit at grandparents house, and to her all other first in this house. She's my favorite. Not only because she can see and talk to me but because she's laid back and calm.

It's time to blow out her candles, which she asks me to help her do. When she starts to blow, we both make eye contact and blow together. I told her that we're sharing our birthdays today. "Me and Ruby want cake now!"

I smile at her, she smiles back. Since I can't eat because I am not mortal, she tells me how stuff tastes. I wish I can taste food again.

"How is it?" I ask her when she takes a bite.

"Good. Very creamy and delicious!"

Her mother repeats her right when I tell her that sounds good. Felicity learned to tune people out while I'm talking to her.

"Ruby is stupid and ugly, Felicity. Stop talking to her." Jayden says.

Alex passed Jayden his cake. His arms weren't even on the table but I don't care, that was mean and you can see the hurt in Felicity's eyes. I shove his cake off the table and watch it fall.

"Did you see that, mom?!" Alicia's gasp, stunned.

Both parents study the area then look at Felicity who is looking at me. They follow her eyes. "Tell them I am beautiful, and I was voted most stunning actress in my day." I sound my age now.

"Ruby is a very pretty actress. Be nice to my friend."

Bro shakes his head, his face in a confused look, "Is she schizophrenic? Or what?"

The day of my birthday is when this family found out who I really am. Or was.

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25 Mar, 2011
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