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I Can't Believe I Just Saved Her - Part 2 & Final

I Can't Believe I Just Saved Her - Part 2 & Final

By MiggyDoll

"Mom look at this!" Bro says walking up to his mom. The rest of the bunch follows him. Except Felicity, who was already in the room with her toys with me.

Mom looks at his laptop and scroll down the page, her eyes getting wider and wider after each paragraph and picture. I get up and look at what is so important. What we see get's me so mad that my energy cause the light bulb behind to burst. Which makes everyone jump out of their skin and scream.

"That's Ruby!" Felicity says pointing to the picture of me when I was alive and the picture of me at the window when the ghost investigators were here. I wasn't surprised at the fact that Felicity wasn't shocked by the light bulb bursting.

Felicity is used to my tactics and what my energy can do by now. I'm just mad that my information is on this thing.

"They even have a number to call from the people that went through it." Says Alicia. Alicia pulls up her phone and dials the number.

"Put her on speaker." Bro tells her. Alicia listens for once and does what he says. Which I'm shocked about.

They pick up on the third ring, "Hello?" It's Jimmy.

"Gimme that." Mom holds out her hand. Alicia hands her phone over and mom starts talking, "Is this one of the sons of Mary Camden?"

"Yes, this Jimmy Camden. Who's calling?"

"I'm Corinne Jessip. My family and I are currently living in the house that you and your family have reported to be haunted by Ruby Rowland."

"I wouldn't say haunted. From what I remember, she doesn't do anything demonic or bad. But then again before we found out that we did have a ghost we just blamed each other for something that happened. Now we realize that we didn't touch this or say that. It was her." He refers to me like I'm his friend and we known each other for years.

"Then why did you move?" asked Alicia.

"I'm here, Jimmy." I say.

They didn't seem to hear me, but Jimmy did," Did any of you guys say 'hey Jimmy'?"

They look at each other and shake their heads. "Ruby did, Jimmy. Ruby said hey."

"Oh," A long pause, "I do believe today is her birthday. Happy birthday, Ruby."

I smile, "So that's who you were saying happy birthday to, Felicity." Eric comments.

"It says here that today is her birthday." Mom says.

Jimmy speaks up, "Yea. Today is the day where we got the most activity from her."

"Ruby come play." Felicity tells me. I do.

"I'm sorry. My daughter just...she happens to see and hear Ruby. She told us exactly what she looks like and what Ruby did before she died and what Ruby likes and dislikes. We thought that she was schizophrenic and her imaginary friends was here playing tricks on us. Till Ruby pushed one of my son's cakes off the table. That's when things became real."

"When was this?" Jimmy asks.

"Yesterday." Mom answers.

"Well your daughter has a very talented gift. It could come to good use. Maybe."

"What do you mean maybe?"

"I assume you haven't watched shows where kids who see ghost are stressed out and frightened that these things happen to them and no one else."

Mom shakes her head, "No, I haven't." She looks at Felicity and worry fills her eyes.

"I won't let that happen to you, Felicity. I don't want you stressed out, ok?"

"Ok." She tells me.

About a few week after the discussion with Jimmy, it was Christmas. The time I like most because the families come together regardless of how tense the house is. And my house looks the best with all the decorations at this time of year, which gives me all the more reason why I stayed here when I died.

At this house, Christmas was a like a birthday with this family. You open presents after you eat. So, during the day they're busy looking at Christmas parades, making phone calls, and enjoying being a family. Which is my favorite part cause this family has a big family, and I like to be included in the family gathering which is fun. but this Christmas, they spent most of their time looking over past pictures and videos of the Christmas's here realizing that I was in not all, but most of the pictures.

Grandma studies the pictures and videos, when shes done, "Isn't that something? It's like Ruby is a part of the family." She says to the family.

"She is, Agatha. Don't be silly. She has been since they moved in her house. You oughta be grateful she isn't a demon and ran you all out of her house." Grandpa says.

"Oh, goodness. She hasn't done horrible things, has she?"

"Now, don't be silly, mother. If she has we wouldn't be living here still." Dad tells his mother.

Mom and her mom tell everybody dinner is ready, they file in to the dinning room and eat. Once they eat, they open presents. Then they share a few moments, words, hugs, and kisses before the family leaves and the ones left behind go to bed.

I get up from my bed in my room, the room that I share with Alicia. Alicia now knows that I sleep in her room because I asked Felicity to tell her that it used to be my room.

But I got up because i heard a roar. I went downstairs and screamed as loud as i can. Bro was the first to go downstairs, then he banged on every door to tell everyone to leave. I couldn't.

I watched dad go to the next house to call 911. By the time 911 got here, the fire reached the 2nd floor. I noticed Felicity wasn't with them so I stood at her window and looked at them all till they noticed my black figure wasn't moving so they had someone come here and get me.

i watched Felicity's limp body dangle away with the rescue people. And I shout 'Thank You' to them. They turned around in my direction and kept going when they didn't see anyone.

I heard my name being called and I saw Felicity in a beam of light when I turned towards the voice. I went to her. I welcomed her into my solid arms, it feels good to actually hold her.

"You aren't supposed to be here, Felicity." She just looked at me with the biggest smile. "Just go back, ok? I promise no ghost will ever come to you if you don't want them to. I just thank you for everything, ok? And I love you."

"I love you too." Just like that she disappears when the voices calling her name got louder and louder. I smile and walk away when the voices cease and the other angles start calling my name. Eugene was among them angles. As well s my parents and brother.

"I can't believe I just saved her life, guys!!" I yell to them.

They nod and congratulate me. It's great to have people that can hear and see you. But I just feel that I don't belong. And I don't know why.

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1 May, 2011
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6 mins
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