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I Can't Believe I Just Saved Her - Prologue

I Can't Believe I Just Saved Her - Prologue

By MiggyDoll

"We got enough money to go India, Ruby!" Says a man who is my manager, Eugene Fitzgerald.

"Let's go! I rather not waist any time in this God forsaken place! Can we catch a boat, please, Eugene?" I beg of him.

Eugene looks in to my eyes, trying to read them. "Of course. We'll catch one tomorrow morning."

I don't want to over react over to this situation, being that I am nineteen, almost twenty. So, I didn't want to seem childish when I am finally going to a gorgeous place outside this country.

Eugene and I have been mostly around America doing Broadway shows for the rich, elegant people that are generous with their money. Though, Eugene just makes sure that I am making the right choices and spending my money right.

Us being that close and traveling everywhere together, we have grown rather close. I would say we are a couple but Eugene is seven years older than I am. Being that, we don't flaunt our feelings or personal display of affection to the public.

"I'll get you home, so you can get ready for our journey to India, alright, Ruby."

I nod, "Thank you."

When I got home I walk around my house that I share with my parents and my little brother, Francis David Rowland the Third.

I study the pictures mounted on the fireplace of our family at the beach the year we moved here to California from New York.

A happy family we are.

I walk to the kitchen that has a faint smell of tonight's dinner that has already been consumed by my family. I don't recognize the smell because I am focused on an apple that looks rather delicious. So, I take it upstairs and eat it as I gaze out the window.

I think about Eugene. Eugene is a very tall man that has dark almost black hair. He consistently wears gray straight legged suits, since those are the fashion of the 1920's. Rarely he wears just a vest over his white button down shirt. Eugene basically shines his shoes every day of the week. Also, he has eyes that are as green as healthy grass and his skin compliments those eyes just perfectly.

Then my mind wonders to where we are going to stay while we are at India. The possibility of sharing a room with Eugene gives me butterflies in my stomach. I hope I'm not a nervous wreck when we do have a room together.

But, while I'm there I'm going to be thinking of home. I love this place so much, with a passion, actually. I wish to never leave this place, but I want to explore the world beyond these walls.

I get done eating my apple, I walk over to my dresser and pack my suitcases, and then put on my night gown so I can tell my parents where I'm going tomorrow morning.

India is a very bustling place! The people are a lot different looking then America's people. The women wear different colorful garments, and the men wore turbans. Their use of transportation are elephants, some people whom are fortunate drove cars. Also, their food is very spicy. For dinner last night, I nearly blew out fire. So did Eugene. The extremely long boat ride to India is definitely worth it.

Today, we're going to go for ride on elephants in a jungle. I call it sight seeing, but Eugene calls it an adventure. Either way sounds fun to me.

We know when we arrive to the right location when we smelt the elephants before we see them. They are humongous mammals that have skin like old people.

An Indian man and Eugene, first, helped me onto the elephant that had a carriage fit for passengers on its back. Once our elephants guide was on, the elephant stood up, which was the most scariest moment of all.

After about going through a very beautiful jungle and seeing animals we never see in America, we reach a clearing where we stopped to have a picnic. An Indian picnic.

"Wasn't this magnificent? I enjoyed every single bit of it." I tell Eugene.

Eugene smiles a sly smile, "The part I enjoyed most was the look on your face when the elephant stood up. You had the deadliest grip on my hand. But your face was priceless!" He laughed.

"The look on your face wasn't as beautiful as you think it was either, Eugene. You look like you have just seen the devil."

"You're very funny, Ruby. You know that?"

I wasn't listening to him because a beautiful flower has just caught my eye. Nothing I have ever seen before. I walk up to the flower and observe it before I took in it's tremendous perfume. Then, I see these greenish yellow eyes about a two feet ahead of me. Just when I was about to pick the flower, the eyes fly forward and, instantly, I can't breathe and I feel as if all life is slipping away from me.

I wake up in my room, "Glad it was a dream! What? This isn't my room!" I say to myself.

Shocked, I jump out of bed and instantly look around the room, it's the shape of my room but everything has changed and...there's thing's I have never seen before.

There's this big black flat skinny and shiny looking thing that looks of a TV that stood on a stand by wall opposite of the foot of the bed. A dresser with various makeup lines I have never heard of, and...everything just very different!

How long have I been asleep?! Have my parents forgot about me and replaced my room something different for another girl?!

I call out for my mother, "Mother?"

"Coming!" I hear a females voice calling from the bottom of the stairs. I hear her feet coming up the stairs. Then the sound of every door opening and closing. Even mine. She wasn't even my mother, but she didn't even acknowledge me! How rude!!

What is she doing here?! What was that shiny small black thing she was holding to her ear?

"That's funny. I clearly heard my daughter call 'mother' and not even a single mouse is upstairs...No, they wouldn't hide when their voice sounds worried like that!...Ghosts?! Since when do you believe in ghost?!" I hear her say.

Was she talking to herself? More importantly, am i...a ghost?!

One way to tell. I must walk through that door.

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19 Mar, 2011
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5 mins
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