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I Can't Do It
I Can't Do It

I Can't Do It

hazel_basilhazel basil
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I can't do it

I'm not good enough

I'll never be good enough

No matter how hard I try

I can never be as good as you

I've been dreaming of that day

since I was 3

But you get that dream sooner than me

Because you're better

I can't do it

I thought I was good at it

Then I see you

And you make it sound so much better

I'll never be as good as you

People say I'm really good

But I won't believe it until I'm as good as you

Which is six months from never

I can't do it

I was the one who showed it to you

We've both been working at it for years now

But yours is still more beautiful

It has flair and style

And mine is plain

What am I without my talents?

How much worth do I hold without them?

If there are so many who are better

Then why do people still care about my mediocore talents

I just want to better than someone

I just want to be good at something

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About The Author
hazel basil
About This Story
17 Feb, 2022
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