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I Can't Hold on Much Longer

I Can't Hold on Much Longer

By JustSomeGirl - 3 Reviews

The silent screams,

only I can hear.

Quivering at sudden movements,

its not my fault I have formed a habit out of fear.

No one seems to notice the long sleeves,

or bruises black and blue.

No one seems to understand,

that I'm fine is a cry of help to you.

To anyone that will listen,

to anyone that care.

I wake up in the middle of the night,

looking out the window I just stare,

at the stars and the moon,

lighting up the night,

why is it so peaceful,

when im so full of fright,

there blood on the floor,

smeared on my wrist,

not a cut,

a picture with a twist.

Maybe one day,

ill have enough courage to end it,

forget the names and pushes, all the hits and spit.

I wouldn't have to wear that stupid fake smile,

or make sure my bracelets hid the marks.

Maybe one day,

i wouldn't have to hide in the dark,

but im not letting go,

not just yet,

beacuse I still have some hope,

some hope someone is left,

someone like me

that understand what it's like,

to be happy all day,

all break down in the night,

somone that knows what it's like,

to battle self hate,

but if that person doesn't so up soon,

It might be too late,

how I wish I could go back and rewind my life,

but It's too late now, I can't wipe the slate.

Someone to listen to my problems,

i listen to theirs,

crying together,

sewing up tears,

healing eachother,

one day at a time,

still looking for someone,

someone to call mine.

Author Notes: *trigger warning*

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2 Nov, 2016
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1 min
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