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I Can't Say Sorry Enough
I Can't Say Sorry Enough

I Can't Say Sorry Enough


Dear Someone I used to love,

I think it's time to write about you. I spent a long time trying to forget you and what happened, what I did to you. I want to say sorry, I want nothing more in the world than for you to know that. I was scared, I'll admit that. Now in the moment I have no idea what to even say, how I can even make up for this. I didn't mean to hurt you, that was the last thing I meant to do. I never wanted to see you torn up like that. I'm sorry, I can't say that enough. Sadly enough I don't think I could ever say it enough for you to forgive me, and that's what upsets me so. I want to go back and end it in a better way. How foolish I was. Ignoring someone is never a way to end something I understand that now. I am so sorry.

Sometimes I see your picture and it hurts again. I know I shouldn't be the one hurt, I get it. But for some reason it still does. To be fair it was more for you than it ever was for me. I didn't want to hold you back, you were starting life and I was still stuck behind. I'm still stuck.

I'm really sorry,

The One who left

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12 Oct, 2018
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1 min
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