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I Don´t Need you...

I Don´t Need you...

By Sleepless

I ran and let you go
Thank you I am happy
I laughed at you, even if you do not pay attention to me
We pushed until no one got on
I realized too late, I've been standing with both legs in the grave for a long time
I noticed how you close the coffin lid
How you put the earth on me and everything I loved
As you have done piece by piece
And what I did for you
Everything comes with this jamming feeling in the grave
I'm going to get out of here, but your scent stays in the back of my mind
Your breath and the voice I still hear
I fought for months but lost for years
Game over - I die and I do not start from
I noticed that you have a rope around my neck
And then you flee, say, who should give me the support?
You were my chair, which is under two feet
And I'm waiting for this body in winter
Depression is increasingly scratched in the arm
Because between black and white is only one color
Did I earn it? Tell me, was I such a bad person?
I gave you my last shirt and my last penny
Today I am broken and still remain hopeless
With the request to Heaven that I bring God now
And was I a Leader, is a battlefield
Because the strength of one day falls in battle
I am 'I am and I do not scream you any more letters
Because what a bald bucket, nothing goes away, no matter how much it would be '
No matter how much word and no matter who
I look back and know: I have finally tormented every day
A few minutes, alone, with a few years
The certainty that I'll never need your help again
I count the few seconds and pull the belt on
Do you know that's all you are and look like me
Now everything is on your toes
I hope your karma reaches you
And you still end up as it is
I would like to wish you the best
Please go and live your dream
But live it fast
Because I promise you, you upset me
"You're killing me!" Was not just such a sentence
Your words were nothing contrary to what you do
The belt cuts into the meat, it's enough!
I'll put it on and let it hang me
You say I'm weak, but I really do not care what you think
Look what you did
Everything black in my body, because I have no place for love
I'm screaming for you, but you're not there
But I do not need you
I want you to know how sad this is
My neck just does not want to break, but that's what I'm doing
The air is running out, my veins burst
Cramp until it jams
My eyes are getting so heavy
I fall asleep but I still feel everything
I hang around here but feel like I'm falling
Everything is now dark, I know it's over
I called you, but you had no time

Author Notes: Every time I see you, that feeling comes out again.

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About The Author
About This Story
9 Jan, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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