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I Don't Understand
I Don't Understand

I Don't Understand


I don't understand how a grown man can look at a child and instantly think of ways to lure them away from the people that grant them saftey.

I don't understand how a mother can look down upon, even cast out, their child just because they love someone of their own sex.

I just don't understand how a woman looks at a man and uses her fists against him and nothing is said, but the moment the roles are reversed the police step in, jail time is almost an always, and the woman is praised for being brave.

I don't understand how anyone could look at someone and belittle them for being different.

So, you, the person reading this, tell me. Do you not understand either? It makes no sense to me. We, as a whole, need to stop looking at what's different. Doesn't seem so hard right? Aparently it is though. Afterall, all these problems have been going on around the world for so many years.

Maybe we should focus on what's the same.

We all live on the same planet.

We all have a shot at being valid human beings.

We all could look up into the night sky at witness the beauty of the natural state of Earth.

We could.. but we won't.

Instead we will pick sides over something as stupid as wondering if a human should have all of their human rights. We will laugh at, belittle, poke fun at, ect. You can say you haven't/won't, but I know enough to know that's a lie.

We will judge.

We will slwoly kill away our own planet.

We will steal.

We will destroy.

Because darkness always finds a way to surpass light.

But what do I know, huh? I'm just a silly young girl with a dream and hope.

Author Notes: First story is bad because first story.

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6 Oct, 2016
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1 min
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