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I dream of your death

I dream of your death

By melodyautumn

When you said that you didn't want me anymore. You said I wasn't good enough for you. I tried so hard to please you. Now my good isn't good enough. Now I'm broken. Not just my heart but my mind, and my hope. You washed my mind of all emotions. I'm blank. I hide in my room all day and dream. I dream with my eyes open, staring at the wall. Until I fall asleep and I don't bother to try to wake. I dream of you, every night. A nightmare. I dream of your death. I dream of killing you. You killed me, why do you deserve to live. Its a never ending thought. My only thought. When I wake I plan your death. Is there someone else. Can I ruin you? Or are you too heartless. The nightmare turns into a reality. But I am not the Source. There was someone else. She died. You came running to me and I refused to take you back. I told you what I went threw and when you left i knew I killed you. Your heart, mind, and hope. I got my revenge. I am not guilty. I live on but still alone. I will be snow white, I shall not awake until my true love comes to rescue me. I will be happy.

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25 Mar, 2011
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1 min
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