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I Forgive You
I Forgive You

I Forgive You


"Throw your stupid dog out or I'm ending all of this!" Her boyfriend yelled, holding his bleeding arm from where the dog had bit him.

In a fit of rage, the women forgot all about her beloved dog and all the fond memories they had together. "You mutt! You're going to ruin everything for me!" she screamed as she grabbed her dog and threw him out of the house.

Hurt and confused, the dog tilted his head and looked at his beloved owner. What had he done wrong? So wrong she didn't want him anymore? He bit the man cause he was about to do something bad, he was sure of it. He ducked as a bottle was thrown in his direction. If she wanted him gone, he would leave.

As the women slammed the door, she could swear she heard a voice say, "Why?" Later that day, while her boyfriend was out, the women found something startling. Under their bed, he was hiding a gun. She quickly called the police and had him arrested. It turned out he was only after her house and money.

Immediately she regretted what she had done. Quickly she rushed out of the house, calling for her beloved friend to come home. She kept searching until it was late at night. She was so tired she didn't realize she had walked onto oncoming traffic. She didn't see the car until it was too late. But at the last second, something yanked her out of the way.

There was a horrible crash and the women looked up from where she had fell. Tears came to her eyes when she realized it was her dog. She quickly ran to him and pulled him into a hug. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry......" She kept repeating like a broken record.

He thumped his tail against the blood stained road, and just before his eyes shut, she heard the voice again. This time it said, "I forgive you."

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6 May, 2015
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