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I Hate 10/02/2012.

I Hate 10/02/2012.

By pingu

The only God who ever walk on this Earth (Buddha) said; “death do not discriminate anyone, even I have to leave one day”. From my view I think the above saying was quoted by Buddha to keep the one sturdy during the death of his/her dearest one. He further quoted “one who approaches near the fire will feel the warmth of fire”. It is easy to feel the pain but very thorny to utter in words.

Let us assume what could happen if we watch heartrending movie; I would say our eyes will burst into tears and the movie will be viewed into our memory a month or more. Most who came during the funeral of my brother said the tragedy reminds them a poignant movie. How it was related what others said? I just sat away form the crowd and cram the story. Swiftly the images of him strike on memory and twirl my feelings worse. It was on 09/02/2012 when he last called me; he said he would be coming on 10/02/2012 to pick us towards his home. Before that I learn form his wife that he was planning all our relatives to gather at his abode to subsist the first day of first month of the Bhutanese calendar, corresponding to twenty first day of second month, 2012.
His thought made him pull towards us..,, the relatives waited for him. The hour later a single call made the heart of relatives cold. All prayed and said it won’t be but the tragedy was stronger than what we thought. He was no more. His baby would be stepping on his hand a day away. This made even more arousing to us. The time just flew like a lazy fly. How ever the funeral was done and a day later his son stepped on the ground with no father.

I Hate 10/02/2012 & From the Core of My Heart I Pray “Not Even Appear Such Tragedy In The Dream” to all my Friends and Every One of You.

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26 Mar, 2012
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