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I have cancer, and soon ill die

I have cancer, and soon ill die

By sweetmoon

Hi eveyone who is reading this. I am mary lee, born in korean. you see, yesterday my mommy cry and i heard say i would die soon.

I am ony 10 years old and my story ill soon began.
I thought i would have a long lasting life but just yesterday i heard my mom say that i would die. I don't know what to do. I have no dad. he die long before i was born.

Im telling you my story because i know that people who read this would think that its sad. But thats not the point.

I have no friends. People say im ugly and hit me till im bleeding.

Please for those who have a long life, live it with love. Cause people like me whish to be in your place.

Tomorrow is christmas and i can't wait for it!!

why? because by the time christmas comes, ill be in heaven. Watching over my mom.

merry christmas to all you.

live, because there is nothing more beautiful than life.

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23 Dec, 2010
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