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I Have This Fear...
I Have This Fear...

I Have This Fear...

JacquettaMaybankJessie Jane Maybank
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I was once told that people choose to love each other, that it is a choice that you have to make again and again, every day.

So tell me, what if I love you.

What if I can’t live without you?

What if I can’t think when I’m around you, because my thoughts are so clouded with the love that I have for you?

What if my heart aches when I’m not with you?

Then one day you just stop.

You “fall out of love.”

You decide that it’s too much work.

You stop choosing to love me.

Does that mean that you think I’m not worth your love and attention and time anymore?

If you can choose not to love me so quickly when I am so in love with you, then how could I ever really know that you would love me enough to stay?

If you think that I’m not worth your love and attention and time, then are you worth mine?

No. Because I am worth it!

God tells me that I’m worth all of the love and attention and time in the world.

That is how I can be certain that I am really loved.

Even if people can so easily choose not to love you, God never will.

He loves you no matter what.

And that helps me not have to fear.

Author Notes: You are so loved! <3

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Jessie Jane Maybank
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11 Mar, 2022
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1 min
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