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I Have This Friend
I Have This Friend

I Have This Friend

4 Reviews

I have this friend,

I wish I was more like this friend.

He's so strong.

He has gone through so much heartache and still has many struggles

but he's so bright and seeing his messages bring me joy


I haven't talked to him much but I wish to change that

He came to me for help but helped me in many ways.

He is so inspiring.

He has his struggles but is still here fighting

And I don't think I could ever be that strong.


Sometimes I have bad days

I feel worthless and like I'm just here to be laughed at

But talking to him today made me feel like everything will be okay

Because if he can go through so much

and still make someone like me happy after a bad day

Then so can I


I have only talked to him a little

But he has managed to bring me light that others have failed to give me in a long time

Author Notes: A little poem I wrote for Bandgeek, ily <3

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20 Jan, 2021
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