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I Just Don't Know Reviews

4 reviews have given an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 Stars
AaronTheRocker gave a rating of 5

I am positive that everyone has had the, "I don't know" moments in their lives. I mean, to add onto it, I'll say, "why do we walk on two feet and not crawl on four?" Who really knows. We just do. It may seem "normal", but is it?
This is fascinating and I totally relate to it.

Kuro gave a rating of 5

My opinion, you should feel good that you're different from others. It means you aren't trying to be someone else and you can stay true to your own personality without change.
I'd say it's a form of psychological writing genre wise.

ASwordslasher gave a rating of 4

Ok, being abnormal is something unique in me. Don't feel bad if you are different from others, you are special. About your thoughts, especially about school, are not at all abnormal. In this era, we children are made to suffer from all this. Anyway, competition is for normal ones. We are special so we just need to concentrate on our goal and certainly, we would do something they all will admire.

Zip017 gave a rating of 5

yes finally someone who understands! i feel this way all the time and i can absolutely relate to all of this! i loved your writing you are amazing!

Aishlynn Thank you! I'm glad someone relates!
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