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I just wanted to walk
I just wanted to walk

I just wanted to walk


She was so beautiful that day, as I was leaving school I had a glimpse of her behind me walking with two friends, a dude and a girl, she saw me looking, I didn't wait for her, but I looked up the stairs to the left hoping to see the bus, it was not coming.

"Oussama!" I heard, I turned to see who, it was her with a half smile and headphones in her ears, I didn't say anything, I just kept looking, she was silent too while the bus was passing behind me and stoping a few meters ahead on the road.

As we moved towards it, we knew we won't be able to get in, many people were pushing their way inside, struggling for a place. "Finish it on foot?" I asked, "we are already half the way" she replied with a laugh like she wanted me to say that. She took my hand and we crossed the road, we took the longer path with it's curvy long turn.

She was still holding my hand at this point, I thought she forgot me at all, for she was silent and gazing ahead, yet she was still holding my hand.

I don't know who started it but next we were speaking about people's travel to live abroad, "but where?" I asked, "according to their abilities in languages" she continued explaining as we walked away.

It seemed to me that we have passed the big gate of our university and just kept going, we were passing into some narrow street downtown, I am familiar with this road for I passed here frequently but she was not, I saw that in her eyes as she was turning to analyse everything around us. It was a narrow road covered with trees, they were so thick that the sun light was entering only from the road's two doors at the start and at the end, the ground was soaked in water leaking from a near sewage hole, but a small unfinished pavement on the left was providing a safe and dry passage.

She took my hand for the second time and said "don't let me fall and ruin my shoes by the water" I nodded approvingly with a big smile. We passed that path like two little children fearing to ruin their shoes for our mothers will punish us if we did.

We arrived at a small coffee shop on the main road where the bus would pass, we waited there for a while. The bus came and she was about to get in assuming that I will do the same, for we took this same bus together many, many times before. I stood there waving as she got in saying "my taxi stop has been changed so I have to take another bus to get there" she heared that with a little amazement on her face, "why you came all the way up here then?"

She was on the bus, already crowded, there was much noise from the bus itself, the passing cars, and people's talk, I didn't think she will hear me responding to her question, but I said anyway "it's totally okay, I wanted to, I wanted to walk with you" as I finished saying this, a big dude blocked the view , I couldn't see if she heard me, when the dude passed away she was smiling, so I think she did.


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26 Jul, 2019
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2 mins
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