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I know you.
I know you.

I know you.

Sky16Tammy : )
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I Know You

I know you.
I know that you are suffering from
Something that you don’t want to tell.
Your face is grey and you are
Suffering like a hell.
I know that you don’t like me
Cuz, you don’t wanna guy like me.
Someone sensible, someone lovable.
Someone who is bold and act carefree.
I know that we are not close enough.
To talk about each other problems.
You would share hate and
I would share love.
I would say nothing when you kill my pink dove.
I know that our relationship isn’t great.
We only share one hour in some class.
You were looking at some boy and I was looking at you.
All the class loves you and your haters are few.
I know that you can’t suffer your last breakup.
But I’ve a mixed feeling about that.
Someone you loose but someone you will get in future.
Not someone sensible not someone lovable.
But someone who take care of you.
I’ll be that someone you bonded to.
After all, I know you..

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Tammy : )
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8 Dec, 2019
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