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I lost a friend

I lost a friend

By Rantrantrant101

You know that quote "you always hurt the one you love" ? I know it all to well. My sweetheart, Ali leaft me. When I met Ali. She was young, as was I. Although our relationship began all of too quickly, that is exactly how it ended. You see we were the best of friends. We shared every feeling and every thought that we could ever think of.
Don't worry it gets better when Ali and I had decided to make it "official" she was 5 months pregnant. "Gutsy" ? Huh ? You see my parents divorced four months before I had me met her. Since my parents divorce all I truly wanted was a child, a woman to love and a job. In other words I wanted my own family once again to love and cherish. I wish I could say that's how my "happily ever after" happened.
Sadly this is the truth. Ali and I were deeply in love... I thought. We did everything together from living together, watching movies and talking to making love and making promises. Like "I will NEVER leave you" or "I will ALWAYS love you." To be honest I'm not sure what I did to push Ali away, but the truth is she leaft me a week after the baby was born. So there I was kicked out of her house made to think I had done something wrong. I just couldn't figure it out. So I went out and in an attempt to try and forget about HER I drank. I'm at the local community college. We're the Mastadons take pride ! I'm at the huge party Dylan Weaver is throwing. As I'm awaiting my turn on the beer pong table. A beautiful black haired, blue eyed girl offers me these two white pills. In return she asks for twenty dollars. So I think " what the heck it can't happen to me.
BING !!! "Woah what's going on ? As I'm looking down I see all frowning faces It's as if I'm looking through a crystal ball. My mother, Father, little sister along with the rest of my family are looking at me in my casket with the look of desolate sarrow. Within the mist of all this I realize I'm dead and I can't help but think I just hope she knows I love HER..."

Author Notes: People please don't make BROKEN promises. Someone could take it too HEART.

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29 Sep, 2014
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2 mins
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