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I Love You
I Love You

I Love You


I want to say thank for loving me, taking care of me, helping me, and everything else you did. I love you, and I always will. Dont forget that, if there ever comes a day we are appart just know im always in your heart. You're a person I can't forget about no matter how hard I try I just can't. I love you way to much. But, I think it's time for a little time appart just like a day or two. (One day latter) I really miss him, I wonder how he is doing? Is he okay? Huh no texts, what's going on? *Someone knocks on door* Oh that must be him! Oh it's the police? "Hello is this Alyssa?" Yes it is, is everything okay? Come on in. "We have some really bad news for you today" What happend? "Alex committed suicide" W-what? "Yes im really sorry" Why did this happen to me? I loved him. "Im really sorry that happend" It's really sad but thank you for telling me. "Your welcome, if you need any help just contact us" Okay. (A few days latter) I can't handdle this! I'm really sorry, goodbye harsh world!

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26 Jul, 2018
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