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I love you, Master

I love you, Master

By Roosie131

You threw the ball hard, and I chased it excitedly. You laughed and smiled and I felt like a million bucks. I love you, Master.

But after a few more throws, you looked tired and ready to leave. I was ready too, Master. I really was! I was tired but I wanted to keep playing because I knew you wanted to also. I love you, Master.

This time, you threw it further and harder. I chased, feeling my legs ache but not wanting to stop. Soon, I heard you car engine. I was certain you were waiting for me, Master. I was certain. I love you, Master.

I didn't bother with the toy, I followed you. You pet my head nicely and smiled with a tear slipping down your cheek. I didn't understand, Master. You were having so much fun! Why are you crying? I love you, Master.

"I'm so sorry, boy. I love you so much, and I hope you'll find a new home. I just can't handle a dog and a job right now...goodbye, boy." And you kissed my head sweetly. I just kept panting. The only words I heard was "I love you so much" and I accepted them. Excitedly for another ride, I jumped in the car. You just shook your head. You tried to call me down, but I didn't want to. Something was wrong...this was always my seat! I love you, Master.

You tried to pick me up but I stayed put. I didn't understand what was happening, and I wanted you to say, "OKAY! Let's go home!" but you didn't. All you kept trying was calling me down to you. After awhile, you said, "Wanna play some more? Go find the toy!" I was so happy! I love you, Master.

I found the toy, and walking back, I was shocked to see you starting the engine again and getting in...without me! I clenched my teeth on the toy and whimpered. I still love you, Master

I tried following but you were too fast, so I went back to the park and sat with the toy by my paw. I knew you'd come back. I knew it. Days, weeks, they went by so quick. And I was dying of hunger. I dreamt of the day you'd come back and say, "I'm back, boy! Let's go home!" but you didn't. I really do love you, Master.

Until that day. I had found a trash can and raided it, and I felt a little better. I went back to my waiting spot and looked at my dirty toy that smelled like you. I missed you so much, Master! Your car pulled into the parking lot and out jumped a girl. Had you already fallen in love with a new one, Master? She was pretty and you jumped out too. You looked the same...but yet foreign. I got to my feet and ran to you. I love you, master!

You smiled and started to cry, hugging me and shouting, "You waited for me? Good dog! Good dog!" I could see you regretted leaving me behind, but I forgive you, Master. The girl smiled and pet me too. You picked up the toy and threw it, but I was a little skeptical. I got it and returned...and you were still there! I love you so much Master!

We had gotten tired, and the girl was complaining of hunger. You had gotten in the car, and you said, "Okay, boy, let's go home!" I was overjoyed. I was so, so happy! I Love you master.

Do you love me? <3

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14 Dec, 2012
Read Time
3 mins
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