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I Love you until the end of time

I Love you until the end of time

By DianaVictor

Another love story….
1st February,
I look at the girl that sits next to my desk. She looks so pretty with her curly dark brown hair. I adore her since the first time she came to our school. I adore the way she smile to me and the way she treats other people in my class. She’s nice and I knew that she’s not pretending. She’s pretty..She’s nice..Kind.. And I can’t deny that I love her.
2nd February,
I look outside of my window. The scenery outside my bedroom didn’t attract me at all. I keep on thinking..Can I be with her one day? I love her..but I don’t have the guts to tell her. I have her phone number. I can call her whenever I want but I just don’t dare. Oh parents has return. I have to take shower by now.
3rd February,
My mummy kisses me on the forehead. My daddy give me the car keys. They have to go to Europe for one week. Business.. I am alone again. I drive the car slowly going back home. I don’t have driving license actually. But who cares..Even my daddy let me to drive this car. Oh Dalina..i miss you again..
5th February,
“Can I talk to you? I have something to tell you..”
Dalina look at me and smile.. “Yes, sure.. come sit next to me.”she said softly.
“I love you,”.. then I run away from her..i feel like all the world turn upside down. I heard she calling me but I don’t dare to look at her and turning back..oh Dalina. I feel shame to you..
6th February,
Dalina smile to me and nodded. “I do love you..”
Am I dreaming? She pinches my cheek softly. It’s hurt a little bit. I knew I am not dreaming. I hold her hand and tell her how much I love her. Rejoice !! the world seem to sing a love song to me.
7th February,
We spend the whole day at the theme park…today is holiday.:-) she so amazing.. nice, funny and a little bit naughty. But, she still the most perfect girl I ever meet. I wish to be with her forever.. but does she really love me?..I wonder.
10th February,
“Dalina, between me and your life, what will you choose?”
Dalina stare at me astonished. Then she laugh..
“Of course my life dear..”.. I don’t know how to express my feeling after she answered my question. I hate her. She’s so selfish.
11th February,
“I am sorry..i didn’t meant to hurt your feeling” Dalina said to me. I knew she’s so sincere. But I still mad at her. I didn’t answer her calls..Didn’t reply her sms. I want her to regret of what she have done to me.
13th February,
“Greg dear, do you really hate me?i am so sorry…I love you. I want to be with you forever..” Dalina speak softly to me. I know she’s sad. I can see it from her eyes. But she still look so calm. That’s why I adore her..but I still unsatisfied to torture her. Tomorrow..i promise I will forgive you Dalina dear. I will.. I will give you new shoes..whatever you want..i swear..
8pm.. I open my facebook. Dalina had updated her status.
:one day he ask me one simple question. Between me and your life, what will you choose? Then I answered my life. Then He left me without even knowing that.. He is my life”:
I feel like the world turn upside down again.. I tortured her because I have misunderstood her. What kind of boyfriend am i..i post something on Dalina’s wall.
:Dear forgive me..i love you…:
Dalina answer..i knew it dear. Let just forget it. I love you too..can’t wait to see you tomorrow..
Oh precious one. I really love her. I grab my phone.. book the best restaurant for us tomorrow. Book two dozens of roses.. I will give her everything.
14th February,
Dalina wait patiently in front of her house. Greg will come soon, she thought. 8pm,Mrs Belinda come to her house.
“Greg had gone…car accident..” she’s crying.. her precious son had died. Dalina faint…
When she opened her eyes, Mrs Belinda was sitting beside her.
“Greg love you Dalina…even he’s not with us anymore. Every years on valentine day, you will receive a bouquet of roses..he ordered for you..” Dalina’s cry…but she knew. Her tears can’t change the faith…….
I will always love you…..

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9 Nov, 2010
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4 mins
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