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I love you ♥

I love you ♥

By Amyisblue

As i sit on his lap he holds me to his body and says"i love you".
I look down at my feet Blushing i luv him 2.Soon brother walks me home i think of you.
Am i overatached to Im fine you called me as soon as i got home and said"i love you"
this time i wasnt blushing nor did i feel anything. I wisphered in the phone"im sorry" and hung up.
I was sleepy we could talk twomorrow if he wantted. as twomorrows sun came up i cried i dont know why.
Then u called i awnsered .When you finished talking i got a call from my ex he wanted to get back together.
I was still mad and still Sad at him and i had you.
You were a Art piece compared to him ... my ex you were a new potrait of a beutiful butterfly.
But who i have now is a blooming rose of love.
No words could describe how he makes me feel.Twomorrow is his birthday.
I send him a card saying you+me=love and i love you. He smiled very brightly when i gave it to him.
Soon my ex called again naggin me he said and tricked me into saying something that sounded like i was cheating on you.
My dear Blooming Rose if you read this always know i wasnt cheating on you i Love you

Author Notes: this took me HOURS to make hope yall like it :3

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29 May, 2013
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