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By gigglez17

i dont want to live no more hate my fucking life
love hurts alot i dont know what to do i cut myself
to die faster i dont want to see the sun rise no more
or tha moon i keep cutting myself to feel the pain and
the blood i dont want no one in my life thats why i feel
like this..........

ifeel like everything is gonna end. like my world's
is coming down. when i feel like that i start to think
about you,because your the reason my world is still
standing. you keep mi going. you keep mi alive.i ask
myself,why im feeling like,and its because of true love.
what i want! i would like to see tha sunset with someone special.
i see other people looking at the sunset with the person
they love. i feel like im missing something. go to the
beach at night when im mad or sad. see tha moon,the
shooting star & the whole world. i wanna do all that,but
i dont want to do it alone. i wanna be with my boyfriend.
the boy i love so much. icant do all that now,because
i left him behind. i moved far away from him. i left him
alone. i should of not done that & now i regret leaving him.
iwanna go back to his arms again. i cant stay away from
him,but also the only one thing i want be with
him forever thats all i want in this life. just be happy
by his side. ahora sin ti feels so sad. i want to stop crying
,but icant. the most important thing is i want is to stop cutting myself.
i make other peoplesad or they cut themself too. idont want
i want that for me. i want to take everything back,what i've done,
everything. i want to start a new life now,but with my love
of my life .....

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About This Story
9 Jan, 2010
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1 min
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