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I Miss You

I Miss You

By 2019seipc

I remember the day we met, it felt like fate. I remember being late to school that day. It was raining and my car broke down.I got out of my car trying to figure out was wrong with it, it never broke down. Never. I was stuck out on the road for a good ten minutes. Then when I figure that i would just call my dad and have him come get me since I didn't have any clue on how it broke down. That's when I heard your voice behind me "You okay ma'am" you said in a stern voice. It was like the rain didn't even bother you.

"Yeah" I said through shivers still facing away from you. You just chuckled at the fact that I wasn't all right. I was cold, wet, and confused. Without saying a word you came next to me to see if you could figure out what was wrong. It made me so angry that you saw through the bluff. But I looked at you for the first time. Short blonde hair, muscular, and tall. On top of all that you were really nice. I guess I was staring for a long time because you turned your head and your dark blue eyes locked in on mine. Not in a mean way but just out of wonder. Right then and there I fell for you hard. After you fixed my car....still no clue on how you fixed it but like I said it seems like it was fate. You went your way.

Rest of the day at school sucked. I was late, then my grades were slipping and I had no friends. Then I saw you again at school. You were the new kid everyone was talking about. I went to wave my hand at you but you were with the jocks and I was the outsider no one liked so I just kept my head down and started reading my book.As i stared to get into my book I heard a tray land on my table. When I looked up there you were just standing there with a couple of your new friends. " May sit here" you asked in a sweet voice. I didn't answer but I looked at you and your friend, studding them they looked unsure about sitting here with me. I didn't blame them. Instead of me answering you sat down not caring what your friends thought or if they cared.

Everyday you sat with me even talked to me and had a full conversation. After weeks went by I started getting feelings for you and hoping that you were also getting feelings for me. Then after a month or so you asked me out. Took me on cute dates like walking on the beach, star gazing in the back of your truck, and even my favorite when you took me to the flower pasture and told me I was as beautiful as all these flowers. Years went by and soon we were married. You were my first love.

Now I'm here with a picture of our two kids laying it gently on your headstone so you don't forget us. You were my first everything when no one wanted to be my friend you did. You were my first friend, kiss, boyfriend, and husband. It's been ten months since the last time you held me and the kids together. I hate the fact that cancer took you away from us. I miss you please don't forgive us. I still love you.

Author Notes: Please give your input it was my first story.

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12 Dec, 2017
Read Time
2 mins
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