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I Miss You <3

I Miss You <3

By sammienicoledj777

We hide because we wanna get found
We walk away to see who follows
We cry to see who wipes away the tears
And we let our hearts get broken to see who comes and fixes them <\3
Kelly was hurt. The person she had always trusted, left her for another girl. She'd heard the giggles over the phone. Kelly always tended to go to the park when she was sad. As she remembered what happened, in her heart, it felt empty and cold, unlike when she was loved. Her knees gave way, and collapsed. She cried and cried, and because of that, she got a really bad headache. When she tried to stand up she gets dizzy and falls back down.

Little does she know she's being watched and her life would be changed forever. A boy with brown hair and green eyes walked up. "Um hi. Are you okay? Do you need some help?" He offered his hand. Kelly accepted it and he helped her up and led her to a bench where she could sit. "My name's Dylan. Dylan Coleman." Kelly replied, "Nice to meet you. My name is Kelly Fisher. And thanks for helping me up off the ground." Dylan gave a smile. "No problem." He stared at her. Kelly blushed. "You're cute," he says moving a stray piece of hair behind Kelly's ear. "Thank you." Her heart felt full again. "Do you have a boyfriend?" Dylan asks. "No, but I just got out of a relationship. I don't think I'm ready to date or anything just yet." "Oh, um, okay. Wanna be friends then?" "Sure."

Over the next few months they became best friends but they both loved each other. One day Kelly texted Dylan: Hey I have 2 tell u something @ the park.
He replies: Ok, be there in 15. ;)

Once they meet up, Kelly breathed out air before she blurted " Dylan I think I'm in love with you. I'll understand if you just want to be friends and it's ok if---." She never got to finish her sentence because Dylan had shut her up with a kiss.

Unfortunately, the two lovers didn't notice DREW (Kelly's ex) walk by and see them kissing. *Drew's girlfriend broke up with him because she was moving* Drew's mouth dropped "KELLY?!?!"
Kelly pulled away from Dylan's hold. "... Drew? What are you doing here?" "Listen Kell, I'm sorry that I ever dumped you, it was a big mistake and ---" Dylan HAD to stop this. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, man. You saw me and Kelly kissing. We're kind of sorta dating!! So back off." Drew was ANGRY. "SHE WAS MINE FIRST!"
"... Dylan... Can we go home?"
"Sure thing."
But Drew wasn't about to let this go. He grabbed the back of Dylan's shirt and turned him around and punched him in the face.
Dylan flipped him on his back and said, "Lay off, man. You had your chance with her, and you lost it." He walked away holding Kelly's trembling hand.
But little did they know that Drew was planning his revenge on Dylan.


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About This Story
7 Mar, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
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