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I Must Fix Myself
I Must Fix Myself

I Must Fix Myself

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I am no longer shattered,
Nor irreparably torn.
Yet I am still broken,
And must find my way through this storm.
I cannot give you what you deserve,
Until I fix what’s broke within.
I have nothing to offer you,
But a heart black as sin.
I must go away to find myself.
I must go away to heal
The tear in my soul,
And to find a way to feel.
I know not who I am now
I know not where to go.
But the path is not an easy one,
And I’m better off alone.
It’s better that I hurt you now,
Than to drag you with me.
I have no way to show you how,
I wish that you could see.
I can’t love you till I love myself;
Until my heart’s set free.
I do truly care for you,
Yet I have not a thing that I could give to you.
I want to love you through and through,
Yet I must go away from you.
To look for a God above.
I must go away from you
Though push has come to shove.
I must find if what we’ve felt is true,
Or just my long for love.

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30 Nov, 2017
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1 min
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