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I Need to Say Something
I Need to Say Something

I Need to Say Something

Dari-the-bookwormDari Poulson
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I need to say something.

But I don't think anyone will listen.

I keep seeing people hate.

And it hurts my head.

why can't we just let the matter go?

They made a mistake.

you are making one by rubbing it in there faces.

ignore it.

There just human, like you are.

Don't ever tell anyone:

"You idiot, do something useful with your time.

Why do you even try?

Why do you sit down and do something you love and try to share it with the world?

It's dumb.

Stop trying to succeed.

Give up."

I'm trying to change the world,

and I wish people would listen to me,

but I have a feeling few will.

I just need to say something.

Author Notes: I usually see cyberbullying on things like Tumblr and Instagram, and I've even seen it here shortstories101 and it makes me sad. So I'm here trying to pass on the message, if you want to say something mean and/or really rude, forget it. keep it to yourself. As a past victim of cyberbullying, I know how damaging it can be. That's all I have to say.

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Dari Poulson
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15 Apr, 2019
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