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I Realized

I Realized

By six0202 - 1 Review

The first days of my life I don’t quite remember 
But my first memories made were as bright as a burning ember
The swings at the park, I always favored
And the grilled cheeses my mom made me, I always savored
Soon i began creating all these fears
But my daddy wiped away my tears
I then started to like the fantasy books
And loved the princess looks
Then my behavior started to become mild
And I realized I was no longer a small child

Black leather became cool
Bright red lipstick became a rule
I had a big group of friends 
And nice mercedes benz
Along came my first crush
And boy what a rush
These were the best years of my life
Even though responsibilities had started waking me up with a loud fife
I went off to college and played a big part
And I realized traveling was in my heart

Mexico was my first place to go 
And it had a lot to show
Paris was my second 
Then Greece began to beckon
The Taj Mahal was as beautiful as they say
And Alabama had an astonishing bay
All these places were a lot of fun 
But I found myself not being able to run
I had planted my feet into the grounds of london
And I realized it was all because of a man called mr. blunden

I married at the age of 32 
And the world of sticking in one place was definitely new
We still took a few trips here and there
Until I found some gray growing in my hair
Working in the diner was just as rewarding as traveling
My wisdom soon began unravelling
Hard times hit when Mr. blunden got into a fit
He died on a wednesday night all because of a silly fight
I thought I had fallen into an endless dark pit
But I realized that there was a path that was lit

So now I look through the looking glass
Back all the way to the past
And saw all the goodness and strife 
That I made it through in my life
I sit in the rocking chair surrounded by wonder
And thought about all the times I went up but then went under
My life had flown by 
And then I began to cry
The tears were not because of the times I went under or times of strife
But I realized they were because of the times of going up and times of goodness in my life. 

Author Notes: My first (poem?) I've ever written. I always loved how beautiful poetry is but when I tried it, it just seemed never to really work for me. Reviews are appreciated thank you for reading.

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3 Jun, 2015
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2 mins
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