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I Regret My Life

I Regret My Life

By Amyisblue

I was heartbroken. I wanted to die. Something told me not to kill myself.
I feel as if my heart was nolonger beating. I knew what you were going to say.
I can read minds or maybe just yours. You were the first person i ever opened my heart to.
I regret meeting you and leting you see who i realy am... I regret even joining this world.
I regret not liveing long enough to see my age 18 self. I regret knowing many peopple will see this
and think im selfish... They will think i think i am the only person who has these problems.
But i know more peopple have been through heart break and are probly going through it now as they read.
I regret even not geting to show the world how i feel. I regret almost everything in my life.
Were i am its almost summer soon i will drown. No one can save me. Its not just a heart break,
Its a million things put in one so many feeling will fade. I have surved my purposs.
I am a freak a 'Abnormal' thing i am. if you gave me the worlds hardest puzzle,
i would solve it within 1 hour.They say i lie when i say that but its the truth.
I regret not liveing my dream. I regret not seeing you were i am going.

Summer is almost here....
I hate summer....
I hate swimming and cookouts....
I hate outdoors..
I regret not haveing any friends in real life....
I regret never going outside with faimly....
I regret My Life

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30 May, 2013

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