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I remeber

I remeber

By matty_mill

I REMEMBER (short story)
The last thing I remember is hearing the door close. It's one of those sound's that no man could ever forget. The sounds of you’re whole world ending with one loud thud. I knew my freedom had been taken, but I didn't blame anyone but myself. I put myself into molt able situation's which led me hear,I and I alone. But still when the lifestyle you enjoyed living has been replaced with nothing but darkness 23 hours a day even, if you're not in here for savage act's that will almost every time change.
I hear a bang bang at at the steel door. A plate of food is thrown in as a elderly man laugh's.
I keep telling myself I am strong, stronger than any other in this hell hole, no old brainless screw is going to break me. The truth was they didn't just take my freedom when they closed the door on my existence they took my life. The justice system took it for all it was worth. And a code I have always lived by was,If someone is to take something important from you(and what could be more)you take right back.
I found myself thinking, looking and the four wall's surrounding me, It was only a matter of time before I lost what little sanity I had left. Still angry at the rubbish I was apparently meant to eat on the floor I knew my time wasn't up yet,far from it. It turned four o'clock. Where was the old man? I can still hear the chuckles he made the evening before,It was the only thing I thought about? This was a bit out of character for me,I mean treating me like me like a animal's was part of his job description,probably the only qualification he has to his name,but no. I was so enraged I picked up the tray with a mighty heave,launching it at the wall. I stop my self from losing control over my enraged body. He can't know what I am up to. I glance my eye's at the forsaken clock one last time,It informed me that half a hour had passed and I was just waiting for those bloodshot eye's to look threw the slot in the door one last time. This is one of those opportunity's that only come's around once.
I awake calmer than yesterday. Acceptance is one thing I don't wont for myself. But I knew yesterday's plan for payback was a bad idea. I had to try and make good with the man. He delivered the book's. And no I don't read but what better time to start. what to do? What to do? I ponder over this for the rest of the day until interrupted by a yelling at the door. Was it my only hope of escape? It sure was and he was just as ran down as I imagined. (Perfect). On the outside I wasn't the toughest nor the smartest drug dealer,but I was the richest. I didn't come from wealth or horror’s, Just a normal upbringing. As normal as Queensland gets anyway. It was when I was 13 I promised my self I would never work for anyone let alone on a mine all day for a man who make's millions of dollar's for ripping everybody else off. We just got by on his wage,not because of the pay,the job made him drink,He liked to blame mum. But I knew the truth. He hasn't walked in 5 year's. But for some unknown reason I do regret disabling him. This room make's you go over you're life. And over until you see thing's from other people's perspective's. I got the guard's perspective of me rather quickly after he just laughed out side my door again. He seemed almost sincere when he said the chef was upset that I still hadn't eaten my tea. I talk to him nicely but it doesn't work. It's like he has been warned of me. And this scare's me a lot,I had conspired a plan. A very rough plan. I wasn't going to starve myself to death,even though it was more appealing than my so called tea.
I threw up a lot more than I ate,but at least it meant more interaction with my soon to be friend who's name I was desperate to find. Even though I was going to use and kill this man,no one wont's to be alone,So day by day I say the occasional nice comment to him,a few joke's here and there. He once said he liked me. I was tougher than the other inmate's for not taking any out side time. I don't wont him to think I am a threat to him. I tell him the truth,which was that I am afraid to go and see the real world once more,because It's just the kind of false hope that will get me killed. He understood, for a shallow minded person's he was a good listener. I eventually tell him my proposition. He just look's at me with a mean stair. This doesn't change for about 20 second's,shit is he gonna rat me out? He Tell's me that it would have to be funded by me of course. I had never had a bigger smile in my life. Not to sure if he was having me on I ask again,I get the same response.
When my head hit's that all to familiar hard pillow my heart begins to race. I didn't trust Bruce. The one thing I was certain of was the fact I wasn't dieing a old man in this box. The plan was I get my well trusted friend Mark to wire him 25 thousand into his bank account as a sing of good faith. Nothing more was spoken about the break on this day. 25 k Oh well what would that get me in here. I see a flash light shine under my door,I instantly jump up and begin to step towards the door. It open's. What was happening? It's Bruce he whisper's something uncleanly,I ask what he is doing,He say's that it's now or never. I begin to hear the roaring of siren's,I panic and think of taking his side arm,I diminish the though quickly and follow him down the corridor not looking back. I didn't like the man,and the saddest thing was he is the closest thing I have to a friend in here,This is just more motivation to run like the wind. We reach a security door,he pull's out a key separate from the chain, He struggle's with it for a minute of so then it give's. I can see light's flashing all over the huge ground's dog's barking but I don't stop to listen. The man stop's running,I don't say anything to him but I think to myself if he wasn't in this for the money then what? Did he feel sorry for me,He told me he had been extremely lonely after the passing of his wife,maybe I was his only friend and he wonted to set me free,after a life of enjoying the disadvantage of others, I wasn't convinced. I hear that daunting Laugh once more. FREEZE I didn't compile,In fact my life didn't flash before my eye's none I that cleashay last moment stuff. I just turned to look at Bruce,was I surprised he would do this to me after our first encounter's? No but to go to such great length's just to see me shot dead,out numbered well over 50 to one. And they treated me like the animal.

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About This Story
21 Feb, 2012
Read Time
6 mins
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