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I Said No
I Said No

I Said No

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I said no,

That should've been the end.

I told you to go,

You forced yourself on me instead.

I told you to stop,

Yet here I am.

My lungs feel like they're going to pop,

I can't breathe.


I begged,

You just laughed.

I told you I couldn't do this,

You said I had to.

You told me you loved me,

I told you friends were all we could be.

"I want someone else"

I told you.

That made you mad.

"you're mine"

You claimed.

I said no.

Tears rolled down my face.

You had me pinned.

I couldn't fight.

I was terrified.

You were angry.

"you will learn to love me"

You said.

I said no.

You didn't care.

You tried to force me.

I fought back.

But it wasn't enough.

Here I am.

In this room.

Wanting to die.

But unable to.

I said no.

I couldn't fight you.

I couldn't make a noise.

But I didn't have to.

Most of my friends are boys.

Smaller than you.

Yet able to do what I couldn't do.

They fought you.

Got you off me.

Finally I could scream.

Finally I could breathe.

Finally it was over.

I ran away.

They stopped you,

Yet I still feel so dirty,

Like it happened,

All over again.

I was helpless.

I said no.

I said no.

Yet you took away my choice.

I said no.

I said no.

Author Notes: This happened today. and this is the only way i could avoid a complete breakdown.

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2 May, 2019
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