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I Still Love You
I Still Love You

I Still Love You


Days pass and the time does to, I have not forgotten the smiles , the laughs and the rest of our memories. I remember the day I met you and the feeling of my heart wanting to explode because the butterflies I felt. It was the day I told you you I love you. When our lips touched , the skin touching I feel and the warmth that came with it. Your voice by ear quietly saying "I love you to." The day went on into the night and I hated how the time passed but I was happy that I shared it with you. The next day came and I was happy to get ready to share it with you, but then you came to me and said "leave me alone , I don't love you !" I tried to run after you and you grew angry. You pushed me onto the floor and you didn't hear the sound of my heart breaking. I cried so hard ,but you kept walking away. I quitely said " I still love ..."

Author Notes: Made up poem but the heart being broken of the one she loved is true.

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25 Sep, 2016
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