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I think i'll be brave (chapter 1)

I think i'll be brave (chapter 1)

By Ashleeexoh

Chapter 1; 1494
It was a cold winter morning, first day back at school for most teenagers. As for Maea, it was the first day of a new life. Maea was 18 years old. She had just moved to a tiny place called Blackpool in the UK to live with her aunty; Katherine. Maea orignally came from Mississippi, but moved because her mother and father were killed in a car crash.
"Ready?" Katherine asked, grabbing the car keys. Maea looked up, her dark brown big eyes looked at Katherine. She gave her a small smile and grabbed her folder.
"Ready as i'll ever be" Maea replied. They got into the car and drove to 'Saint Mary's' high school. Teenagers were everywhere, pulling up in their new flash cars they got over the summer holidays. The cheerleaders were running around greeting everyone with big smiles. A group of boys got out of an old blue truck, and 3 girls ran over wrapping their arms around the boys. Maea watched as the couples smiled and laughed together, then walked away holding hands.
"I'll pick you up at 3 yeah?" Katherine said, breaking the silence.
"yeah, okay" Maea said, getting out of the car. She shut the door and watched Katherine drive off. Taking a deep breth she walked towards the main office. People stared at Maea like she was some alien from another planet. She was'nt any different to the rest of them, except her background, but no one needed to know about any of that. Maea had long black ringlitey hair that bounced as she walked. She had dark brown eyes, with beautiful long eye lashes. Her skin was perfectly tan. She was medium height, not too short and not too tall. In other words, she was almost perfect. She was smart, funny, caring and helpful. She let no one stand in her way, she stuck up for herself and her friends and family. She was dressed in an old purple dress with a white middle, it was long. Her feet were just to be seen. Her hair was dont up half up and half down.

Maea picked her dress up from dragging across the ground and continued walking, the stares didn't worry her one bit. She walked up to the main office. A short old lady stood up, her grey hair fell over her shoulders, she pushed her glasses back and looked up at Maea.
"Hello, what do you want?" The office lady said, in a grouchy voice.
"Im Maea... Where do i go?" Maea said, looking around. Her eyes caught sight of a boy, he was tall, brown curly hair. His blue eyes looked up at hers. They both smiled and looked away from eachother.
"Maea?" The office lady said.
"Sorry, erm, okay" Maea said walking away, not knowing anything the office lady said. She walked fast to catch up with this unknown boy. He was'nt anywhere to be seen. Maea let it slide. She pulled out a map and tried to locate where she was.
"Are you okay?" A voice said from behind. Maea looked back. There was a girl, with brown hair that was platted around the side of her hair then all pulled to one side, she had amazing brown eyes, that had black spots around the iris. She was a bit shorter then Maea. She was wearing a light pink dress, almost excatly the same as Maea's.
"Erm, do you know where im supposed to go?" Maea said smileing. The strange unknown girl put her hand out, Maea shook it.
"Im Ashlee" She laughed.
"Maea" Maea said, confused.
"Sorry, erm, You're supposed to be in History which is over there" Ashlee said, pointing to an old brick building.
"And you know what, im in that class too" Ashlee said smileing. Maea smiled. They both walked towards the old building.

A blonde girl stopped them in their travels. Maea watched as Ashlee hugged this mysterious girl.
"Oh sorry, how rude of me, Maea this is Rosey. Rosey this is Maea" Ashlee smiled. Maea and Rosey smiled at eachother. Maea looked away towards the office. The same boy that she seen before was standing there staring. His blue eyes sparkled. Maea watched, as he turned and walked away.
"....Bye" Ashlee said to Rosey. The little blonde girl jumped away. She was a cheerleader. She had blonde long hair that was done in a tonytail with a red ribbon. She had green eyes, they were beautiful. She was around the same height as Ashlee. She was wearing her cheerleading outfit, which was a short red skirt, that was pletted, and a red singlet top with 'St Mary's' written across it. Ashlee and Maea continued walking. They arrived to the door of the building. Ashlee walked in and put her folder on a desk. Maea stood at the door, there was an invisible wall blocking her entrance.
"Maea, come in?" Ashlee said. Maea looked at the door frame, she put one foot in. It's like the wall just dissapered. She walked in and sat down next to Ashlee. The classroom was old, cobwebs were allover the ceiling. There were old big books in cupboards. The desks were old and worn out. There were a bunch of boys behind the girls, they were throughing paper balls across the room. Maea watched the behavior of the teenagers and was shocked. A tall man walked in, holding a brown roll check.
"settle down, settle down!" He yelled. No one listened. Everyone continued with what they were doing. The door swung open, 3 girls walked in, with their hands on their hips. They were wearing short dresses, makeup piled on. The first girl was tall and skinny, she had brown hair that was out and waving around. The second girl was short, she had orange hair that went mid way down her back. She looked frieghtened. The third girl was the tallest. She had short blonde hair, it was curly. The three girls walked in time together. Everyone stopped to watch the entrance. They pusheed books of desks and claimed the desks, although there were people sitting there. "Goodmorning everyone, and welcome back. We have a new student over here called Maea. Everyone? Listen please" The teacher said. No one listened, they were all still talking. The three girls had mirrors out checking there makeup and hair.
"OIIIIIIIII" Maea yelled out. Everyone went silent. Ashlee looked at Maea. Maea shrug her shoulders, sat back and watched the teacher. Everyone looked at Maea.

The whole day flew on by. Ashlee and Maea became quiet the good friends.
"Are you coming to school tomorrow?" Ashlee asked, whilest walking to the car park.
"Of corse. I dont think i really have a choice anymore" Maea laughed, as she watched Katherine turn up. Katherine smiled and waved.
"Ohwell see you tomorrow then" Ashlee smiled and walked over to her car. Where she met her boyfriend; Toby. He smiled and gave her a hug.
"The new girl. Who is she?" Toby asked nodding his head in Maea's direction.
"Maea, shes lovely. She's originally from Mississippi" Ashlee smiled. Toby and Ashlee walked over to Ashlee's car. Toby watched as Katherine drove off.
"Did she mention anything about her past?" Toby asked, opening the door for Ashlee.
"Why are you so worried?" Ashlee smiled, looking into Toby's amazing blue eyes.
"Im not worried, just curious" Toby laughed. Ashlee smiled and climbed into her car. She shut the door and wond down the window.
"I guess you'll have to find it all out yourself" Ashlee said, turning her car on. Toby stepped back and smiled.
"Bye" They both said. Ashlee drove away.

The road to Ashlee's house was dusty, it was old shingel that hadn't been tarsealed yet. Her car started making loud noises, confused she just kept driving. The road become so dusty it was very hard to see. All of a sudden, her car came to a sudden hault. Smoke filled the road, and after the smoke and dust had left, it was clear to see, that Ashlee had crashed straight into a truck. The truck driver got out unharmed, he ran over to Ashlee's ccar. The whole front door was caved in, it was very impossible that a body could still be alive in the position. He climbed through the broken window. Ashlee was lying there, her head was in the driving wheel, the seatbelt was cutting her cerculation. The truck driver pulled Ashlee's broken body out of the car and lay it flast on the road, he ran back to his truck and called for help. Moments later, a horse and carridge arrived, her body was put in the back and off to hospital they went.

At the hospital, Ashlee's broken and bloody body was put onto a bed, doctors and nurses surrounded her. Toby came to the hospital as soon as he got a phone call. He walked into the ward where Ashlee was. Her body was all wrapped up in white bandages, tubes were going through her nose and mouth, there was blood pumping next to her, as well as clear liquid.
"Is she going to be okay?" Toby asked a near by doctor.
"As far as we know, she may not make it" The doctor replied. The doctor watched as Toby broke down into tears. She went over and helped him back up. Toby looked into the room again at Ashlee's body, he knew excatly what to do. But was too scared for his own safety.
"Were doing the best we can, she is put on life support, that should give her a boost of life. " The doctor said. Toby walked out, and left.

Later that night, the hospital was dark and quiet. All the doctors had gone to rest in the cafe. Footsteps walked down the hallway, it was Maea. She walked into Ashlee's room.
"I never ever wanted to do this to anyone. But i guess you really need this to be done..." Maea said, she bit open a large cut in her hand, and suck the blood over Ashlee's mouth so she swallowed it. The power went out, Maea switched off Ashlee's life support. When the power came back on, a split second later, Maea was gone, not a trace of her anywhere.

The next morning, Ashlee woke up. She looked around the room, theh down at her body. Freaking out she quickly ripped the tubes out of her body, she pulled all the bandages off. A loud buzzing noise went off, and a doctor ran in.
"No no no no no Ashlee, you must keep this on!" She yelled, trying to put the tubes back into her body.
"NO. Im better!!! I dont need to be here!" Ashlee said jumping out of the bed. Ashlee looked down at her body again, all the cuts were gone, there was no evidence that she had been in a car accident.
"Thats not possible, you had blood, cuts, bloody, it was everywhere!" The doctor said looking at Ashlee. Ashlee looked up at the doctor.
"Im hungry, ive never felt this hungry before.. whats happening" Ashlee said freaking out.
"Its because of all the medication. Youdont no what you're feeling" The doctor said. Ashlee ran fast, that ou couldnt see her evern move, and she pinned the doctor against the wall. Her eyes turned red, as vaines were seen coming under her eyes, her teeth grew pointy and sharp. The doctor screamed, Ashlee bit straight into the doctors neck, the doctor fell onto the ground. Ashlee was gone....

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