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I Think I'm Teaching a Monster
I Think I'm Teaching a Monster

I Think I'm Teaching a Monster

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I am a teacher at the coldridge high school in coldridge Iowa. That was until he showed up. One of my new students a 9th grader. His name was Patrick Woods he seemed a little strange. He stood at least 6 feet tall, wide muscular build but there's one thing that offset all this, his confidence was near nonexistent as a result he was furiously bullied. The kids picked on him, when he spoke to go to the bathroom he spoke in a hushed, paranoid whisper as if he was avoiding any confrontation he could possibly see.

But his grades were stellar all A’s. there was some strange, to say the least things about him. Such as he had no family or connections to anybody. As well soon after he arrived fires started. Out in the fields fires that came from seemingly nowhere suddenly half a cornfield would go up in flames and get completely destroyed.

I didn't realize the connection between him and that one fateful day. Patrick was sitting in class he looked in a bad mood like was at the end of his rope. The class was going normal they were doing their worksheets. Patrick finished first and got up and turned it in until one of his common bullies Dustin Baldwin threw a piece of paper at his back.

Patrick quickly turned around and stared him down. Dustin began to thrash around and convulse violently he began to vomit blood and what looked like ash. He fell to his knees and crawled forward. The class screamed in terror all except for Patrick who stared at Dustin from the area right in front of my desk. I got up and grabbed Dustin to see if I could help when i looked up realizing this had been something I had never seen before i saw i sight that haunts me to this day. Patrick's eyes good god those eyes they were all black except for his irises they were cherry red, his short black hair had shot up in almost the shape of burning fire moving and crackling in waves. I ran outside to get help and as i was running i turned around and heard a BOOM sound i saw what had happened.

Dustin had exploded blood was everywhere. The floor, the walls, the ceiling, the students, and Patrick was covered from head to toe in blood, ash, and viscera. Soon the few parts of Dustin that remained caught fire setting off the alarm causing everyone to go into a panic. That's when I noticed it. Patrick, he was crying and laughing at the same time. As everyone ran he just stood looking at the pool of burning blood in front of him crying streams of tears and laughter so excited it was sickening. I dealt with the other students first and led them out safely. But the fire department did not find Patrick. I went home after a barrage of questions about what had happened and I saw placed on my kitchen counter was the very worksheet that Patrick never got to turn in.

written on the back in ash drawn it said SEE YOU TOMORROW. I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit. Later that night i sat down and watched the news with a beer. When i looked at the tv i dropped my beer and it shattered all over my hardwood flooring. The news was covering a string of arsons that happened in my town and the sudden disappearance of a Patrick wood.

Author Notes: this is the first of a 2 part series so if this is well received i might release the second one

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31 Oct, 2019
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