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I thought you were someone else...

I thought you were someone else...

By Live_life_fully

One day, a man's wife went to work. Before leaving she kissed her husband good-bye, told him she'll be back at 2:30. So he invited some friends over, to come at 12:00. Then the door bell, he opened the door expecting to see one of his friends, so thinking it was his friend he greeted them with his friend hello:"shakalacahoo... wait hun, is that you?!" The lady said:"yes..." he said:"you're home early!" The lady said:"Yes, I missed you, so I thought I'd come over and give you a suprise!" He said:"well, what is it?" Then the lady took off her coat underneath her coat she was wearing a small bra, and lacey thongs. Then he said:"Whoa, hello! Come to papa!" So they went to the couch, and kissed eachother and stripped clothes off eachother. All of a sudden the door opened... his wife had just walked in. She screamed:"what are you doing that's my twin sister!" The man said:"oh, I should've known, because she is more flexable!" The wife threw out her sister, then said:"oh, I'll show you how flexable I am." He yellled:"OH BABY COME TO PAPA!!"

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1 Feb, 2012
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1 min
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