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I walked away feeling awful but still happy :)

I walked away feeling awful but still happy :)

By reachamongthestars

Dirty look, also known as "stare you down."
It's amazing how bad they can make you feel. I mean there I was, walking in the plaza, by myself, feeling pretty good about myself, for once, and then suddenly, BAM out of no where, comes this couple and I am blown away. I couldn't really see them (my eyesight ain't too good) but I knew that they were the type that could be featured in magazines. As I walked nearer, I saw the picture perfect body and clothes of the girl and with her arm wrapped around her probably hot boyfriend. However, I did not get to catch a glimpse of him because as I walked passed, I stared at the girl, hoping to see a beautiful face. It was beautiful alright. But they look she gave me, was not at all a smile. It was a mean, cruel, dirty look that she cast down on me. It said "I am way better than you, I am more pretty and I have a boyfriend, you stupid loner" She ended that look with a sneer that left me paralysed for about three seconds. I wanted to punch her guts out, she put my self esteem right down. >:(
I guess I learned one thing from this experience. I learned that she was a pretty girl but very ugly and absolutely horrific on the inside. And so with that, I bid her good day and walked off with a knowledgeable smile and a lesson well learnt!

please rate if u hate ppl who walk past you and look you up and down and judge you dead on the spot

thanks for reading xD

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14 Jul, 2011

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